Now, how do I do this again?

I had the rare opportunity to get my kids ready and off to school. It's so rare, in fact, that I can't even recall the last time I sent my kids off to school. Emily's in 3rd and Abby 1st... and I'm thinking it might have been back when Emily was in preschool.
That's a long time.
I've been working so much lately, covering open shifts and day trading with coworkers, that I found myself with three days off during the week. I got up "early" (0630) and started the process of getting the girls out the door.
It was tough.
Where are their clothes at--were they laid out? Are their books packed? Emily's homework in the proper folder? Abby's breakfast eaten? Lunch made? Hair brushed? Barrettes in? Teeth brushed? Faces washed? Shoes on? The bus is here?! Kisses! Hugs! Out the door!
*whew* I was ready for a nap.
In the back of my mind I know that you are laughing at me. Most mother's do this flawlessly each and every day.
I'm so out of practice. Will someone be coming to take my brownie badge away from me? I promise to try harder tomorrow morning! I just have to remember to set my alarm.



Emily decided that she would like to try gymnastics. I fretted and fussed over it because I didn't want her doing anything that could get her hurt but I finally relented when I reminded myself that this was a basic tumbling class. A cartwheel here, a somersault there... what could be the problem?

Well, there were problems. Emily started the class already missing three days so she felt like she didn't know a n y b o d y and she would n e v e r make friends. Then her hair fell out of the pony tail I put in for her and it was flying everywhere... and sticking to her face when the tears started to fall because she couldn't do a proper cartwheel. Through a window I watched her as she tried again and again, getting more frustrated and upset at each attempt. The tears fell but she kept trying. My heart broke for her.

She had been so excited about this class and here she was just miserable. Throughout her misery I debated scooping up my daughter and taking her home. I realized just then that no matter the hurt or the injustice I will feel it for my child ten times worse than she'll ever feel it. When her heart breaks mine will shatter for her.

I walked into the gym and motioned her over. "Turn around," I told her as I quickly pulled her hair back up. Pony tail in place, I leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Don't try to be perfect, just have fun." I squeezed her shoulder and sent her back into the fray, wondering if I was doing the right thing by her.

Thankfully when we left her mood had completed shifted. (Ah...the power of an eight year old.) The experience was, in her words, "awesome!" We'll just need to work on that cartwheel together.

Who knew?!

When I posted my last "brief" entry (did anyone actually get the whole 'brief' entry and the little 'briefs' Mr. 007 was wearing or was that a poor attempt at humor on my part?) I had no idea that the latest 007 movie was coming out. I may be having a Daniel Craig overdose... Mmm Mmm Good!



I think I need to watch Casino Royale again. If nothing else, I'd like to see Daniel Craig again in this.



When it all comes to a screeching halt

Once the fall semester started everything in my life has been utterly chaotic. I think it may take me another week or so to fall into a comfortable pattern but right now... not so much. I'm completely out of touch... and if something requires more than 2 minutes of my attention (outside of school, work or sharing 2.5 seconds with my family) then it's out of my price range, so to speak.
You can officially consider me "Living Under A Rock".
But Elizabeth, you might ask yourself, if your so busy how come you've spare enough time to write down these wimpy excuses? Ah! Glad you asked... cause I'm multitasking! (Eating lunch and typing between bites of my tuna fish sandwich--it's how the west was won.)
Can anyone slow down time for me? Pretty please?