Everything you never knew that you didn't want to know about me

Do you know how long it took me to come up with all these pointless facts? That in itself makes me realize that my life is very dull.

So without further ado (if you care to continue)...
1. I was born in San Jose, California in 1973.
2. I grew up in Vacaville, California.
3. I love Bath & Bodyworks Moonlight Path lotion.
4. I love Indian food.
5. I like bacon and sausage dipped in syrup. But you won't find me eating it any time soon. I stopped eating meat.
6. I stopped eating meat but I'll still eat a ton of fish.
7. I have to hold onto the headboard on my bed in order to fall asleep comfortably.
8. I can bend over and place my palms on the floor. Let me stretch first before I pull something!
9. I can type really fast.
10. My brain is no longer as fast as my fingers.
11. I use the backspace key a lot now.
12. My daughter Emily was 10.4 pounds at birth.
13. My daughter Abigail was 8.13.
14. Both were two weeks early.
15. I have thrown a live grenade.
16. Grenades are really loud when they explode.
17. I used to climb up on my roof and lay out to tan. I'd kill my kids if they tried that.
18. I'm taller than my mom at 5'7".
19. My little sister is taller than me.
20. I love to dance.
21. I love to sing.
22. I sound amazing in the car and shower.
23. I've been known to write poetry.
24. I smoked for 10 years.
25. I quit cold turkey when I found out that I was pregnant.
26. The smell of cigarettes nauseates me now.
27. I work for an airline in the dispatch office.
28. Among other things, I cancel flights.
29. If I've ever canceled your flight, it's nothing personal.
30. You have to be federally licensed to do my job.
31. I love the smell of spent shells on a firing range.
32. I'm a sucker for OnStar commercials.
33. The opening sequence for the Lion King makes me bawl, too.
34. I'm a certified personal trainer.
35. I wear reading glasses.
36. I have an Associates in Exercise Science.
37. I met my husband in Korea.
38. I like to play video games.
39. My children have more of a social life than I do.
40. I have a Boxer named Harley. She's a doll.
41. Harley ate part of my couch as a puppy.
42. I want a Great Dane.
43. I have 3 cats.
44. That's why I can't have another dog.
45. I like to drink beer.
46. I don't watch tv per se but I will watch Bones, Fringe and The Office online.
47. I love "Girls Kick Ass" movies & tv.
48. I've benched 95 pounds. So far.
49. I want to visit Egypt and see the pyramids.
50. I have to sit up front in the cockpit of my aircraft (well, not my aircraft) once a year to maintain my dispatch qualification.
51. I love wearing high heels.
52. My hair was so long that it hung down to the small of my back.
53. I chopped it all off after I had my daughter.
54. It's at my shoulders now--I've recently cut it again.
55. I've dyed it a chestnut brown for a change.
56. I still can't believe I'm the mom of two girls.
57. Crimes against children enrage me.
58. I have no mercy for these type of offenders.
59. I have a time management problem. I suck at it.
60. My favorite color is the green of my husband's eyes.
61. I love music, and I have very eclectic tastes.
62. www.dictionary.com is my friend.
63. I used to be a pretty good speller. Then I got old.
64. I was always in advanced English classes in school.
65. I love to read.
66. I was married at 17.
67. I was divorced at 19.
68. I married a sailor. That should explain the divorce.
69. I remarried 4 years later. This year was our 12 year anniversary.
70. I really got lucky this time. ;)
71. I'd love to learn how to swing dance.
72. I like mustard better than ketchup.
73. I love asparagus.
74. I'm not overly fond of pumpkin pie.
75. If you've read this far, "Quack Quack" in the comments.
76. If I had the money I'd get a boob job.
77. I have little willpower over chocolate chip cookies. My husband bakes the best.
78. Both of my kids are in the gifted program at school.
79. I don't watch reality TV. That's not "real", folks.
80. I am quite impatient at times.
81. I am perpetually sleep deprived.
82. I like crushed red pepper in my spaghetti.
83. I named my oldest daughter after a character in a book.
84. I have no discernible waist. That's annoying.
85. I have 6 tattoos. I'd like at least one more.
86. I have a total of 11 holes in my ears.
87. I now wear only one earring in each ear.
88. I once had my belly pierced. It's closed up.
89. I'm proudly half Scottish.
90. I love my country.
91. I've always wanted to live in Montana.
92. I've an affinity for hummingbirds.
93. My favorite flower is a lily.
94. I have an aunt named Lily.
95. My house was built in 1912. A skeleton key opens the front door.
96. I have a nasty habit of being unable to leave for work on time.
97. I'm extremely opinionated.
98. I have a library addiction.
99. I generally eat a wheat bagel covered in peanut butter with coffee for breakfast.
100. I listen to audio books while I fall asleep and while I drive to work.
101. I spend way too much time on the computer.


LceeL said...

Quack, Quack.

LceeL said...

I re-read this today because I saw my comment and I couldn't understand why I wrote 'Quack, quack'. So, now, again I have to write QUACK, QUACK.

Mrs. F said...

LOLs. Quack, quack.

Lizzie-Beth said...

Quack, Quack. =)

Reece said...

Quack... -thats all you get