Having procrastinated to the nth degree, I have been sitting here at this computer for hours. Hours, I tell you!

As a result, I definitely finished my sports psych paper on--of all things--burnout. (I wonder why on earth I would have picked that topic?) I have had this assignment for ages. I started writing the paper on Friday (it's due tomorrow) and was fairly confident that I would complete an A paper in time.

But then I have to work up a Power Point presentation on it and deliver it tomorrow as well.


I'm seriously dragging my feet here. Looking for distractions. Checking out what's going on in the world with point and click news (no matter what the day there's always something depressing). Checking Facebook. (MySpace is so yesterday) Checking the news again. Anything but focusing on this presentation.

'Cause I'm burnt out, people!

Well, it looks like putting together this entry killed a good 8 minutes. Back to work.


Black Friday

I'm curious. (This statement usually gets me into trouble, but I'll forge ahead anyway.)

What person in their right mind lines up in the middle of the night just hours after stuffing themselves silly with turkey and all the fixins' to buy this:


Bunny slippers! I gotta get those bunny slippers!

And the craziness is not left to terrestrial stores, either. Check out this message when I tried to browse Macy's at 12:17 a.m.: "It's a little crowded in here right now, and to make sure everyone enjoys shopping with us, we're asking new visitors to wait here a few moments while other shoppers finish up. We'll refresh your browser and welcome you in momentarily. Thanks for your patience!"

I realize that some stores offer deals for the early bird shopper...but it would have to be an AMAZING deal to get me up before the crack of dawn. What would get YOU up to trek out to the local department store at such a crazy hour?

Oooh! Steak knives...



Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving!


3 days and counting

There is a certain website that I found myself visiting all the time. It's one of those celebrity gossip deals and not altogether very nice. As I found myself reveling in the problems (self inflicted or otherwise) of certain people it suddenly occurred to me that my life may not look so great if it were to be analyzed under a paparazzi's camera lens either. God forbid if the nation suddenly decided to debate my mothering skills, my occasional beer on the weekends, my less than stellar wardrobe or my water weight gain after pizza night. Whoops, was that one out loud?!

So I'm going to take the higher road and stop visiting this website. I don't want to be a part of this obsessed culture that's more interested in who wore what and who did what to whom and who is in rehab this week rather than focusing on what's important in their own lives. And if I'm going to teach my children values I had better reassess my own.


I need your help

Have I lost my mind? Am I overreacting? I'll let you be the judge.

Yesterday the fam and I were at Target doing what I do best. Wink I happened to notice that a young kid was walking around the store with a scanner gun in his hand. While I tried to figure out why this kid looked like half of a young couple registering for wedding gifts I noticed his sister, also armed with a scanner gun, standing by her parents looking at a movie. And then it hit me.

These kids are scanning what they want for Christmas.

Is this what technology does for us? Or is this pure laziness or parental indulgence? Whatever happened to making a list and hoping to high heaven that Santa sees the reason in owning a Red Ryder BB Gun? (for those of you who get the movie reference I'm giving you a high five)

I'm annoyed. Baring teeth


Keep your streptococcus pyogenes to yourself, please

These wee beasties are presently attacking my daughter. Poor girl! Abby came down with strep late last week and was sidelined for a couple of days before we could get some antibiotics into her.

Now that I've got a minute to think about it all... I'm annoyed.

We do our best to teach our kids about good hygiene (washing after potty breaks, sneezing into the crook of your arm and not into your hands, etc.) and for the most part our kids have been very healthy. But Abby picked up this bacteria from somewhere. These kids that are coming to school with snotty noses and fevers need to stay home so they don't infect my kids with their germs!


Ok, that's my rant for the day. A pretty mild one at that, I'd say.


It was so much fun the first time...

Remind me to be nicer to my cat!