Taking refuge in the bomb shelter

Never has there been a class I've disliked more than my online marketing class. I thought my sports psychology class was bad... but boy, this tames in comparison.
I have zero interest. None. Nada. Zip. Truth be told (and would I lie to you anyway?) I am morally opposed to this marketing class right now because it teaches those who would be in marketing how to better manipulate us as a society to get us to spend our money. Child psychologists are hired so that they may offer better insights into getting our kids the right amount of exposure to their products so that they can whine us into oblivion before we finally cave and spend our money. Even so, I have to take this class.
I have tried to force myself to read the material. It just makes me aggravated.
I have feigned interest. I am swiftly reminded that I would rather stab myself repeatedly in the heart with a spork.
I'm stuck.
It's mid term. And that means Mid Terms. Guess which one I had to take yesterday? This is also my final semester. In all my other classes I've nailed an A. In biology and anatomy and physiology I gratefully took a B. I think this marketing class will be my first failed class. Maybe, maybe not. I could get a D.


Ohmigoodness Ohmigoodness!

When I watched this video I got that old familiar feeling of hollow anticipation in my tummy and I remember wondering, long ago, if I could take off and fly away.


Now you see me, now you don't

This entry is being written along side a cup of coffee and a dwindling slice of toast with peanut butter. In between bites of bread and swigs of coffee I'm sifting through email, looking for anything that I need to answer immediately. An email to confirm an Indian lunch on Monday qualifies.
My first two classes canceled this morning so I've got a few extra minutes to sift through the classwork that the girls brought home from school. Emily recently did a group presentation on the nervous system and got an A+ for her efforts. It was noted on her Rubric that she needed to give her partners a chance to talk. Abby brought home another graded spelling test. Pick, park, tack, back, sack, sick, big, in, hold, and so were all spelled correctly. So were kick, and, will, sit, and have.
The timer just went off on the stove. Jim is cooking rice for the leftover Chana Masala that I brought home from work last night. ("That's so freakin' good" he tells me later.) Letting him have my leftover Indian food is my penance for getting it in the first place. Who can afford to buy dinner out these days?
Crap! I just looked at the clock. I need to leave for my only class in about thirty minutes, then I'll run home and get ready to blast out for work. The good news is that (at this time anyway) I'll have the whole weekend off. Just enough time to get my house clean before some contractors show up to give us estimates on how much it will cost to replace or repair our roof.
Shoot me.


See...I got this promotion at work...

and I've been living in a cone of silence since I accepted it. I wanted to talk about it, boy... did I EVER... but I couldn't until, well, until I could.
But now I can.
Basically I'm going to be running my department. I did that once before, years ago, but there was a "restructuring" of the department and it was "decided" that they didn't need a manager anymore. Bull Puckey, I said. That was several years ago. I've been wooed a couple of times since then when it was decided that yes, we did indeed need a manager in there. And now that's me. Again.
I'm thrilled that my company has agreed to work with my unique schedule needs until December when I finish up school. I'll assume the full role then and will slowly integrate myself in the days leading to my graduation.
The negotiations for my promotion were intense. I asked for a company car and a parking space. I was told to go pound sand. I insisted on a coffee cup. Again, no dice. That coffee cup was almost the deal breaker, I tell you. I will, however, get a Blackberry. I was hoping for an iPhone with one of those cool but pointless lighter applications but was turned down flat. I didn't want to be an elitist anyway. ;)