Taking refuge in the bomb shelter

Never has there been a class I've disliked more than my online marketing class. I thought my sports psychology class was bad... but boy, this tames in comparison.
I have zero interest. None. Nada. Zip. Truth be told (and would I lie to you anyway?) I am morally opposed to this marketing class right now because it teaches those who would be in marketing how to better manipulate us as a society to get us to spend our money. Child psychologists are hired so that they may offer better insights into getting our kids the right amount of exposure to their products so that they can whine us into oblivion before we finally cave and spend our money. Even so, I have to take this class.
I have tried to force myself to read the material. It just makes me aggravated.
I have feigned interest. I am swiftly reminded that I would rather stab myself repeatedly in the heart with a spork.
I'm stuck.
It's mid term. And that means Mid Terms. Guess which one I had to take yesterday? This is also my final semester. In all my other classes I've nailed an A. In biology and anatomy and physiology I gratefully took a B. I think this marketing class will be my first failed class. Maybe, maybe not. I could get a D.


LceeL said...

Fail a class? Ouch!

BTW - Zach was asking what the lady that wants to go to the Senior Prom with him, looks like.

Queenie said...

You get an A* from me, I,like you find some of the techniques used diabolical. Well done for being you....

Sidewalks said...

Every semester you seem to think you're not going to do well in a particular class, but somehow you always pull through it and pass with flying colors. Good luck with the marketing nonsense. I was always encouraged to take marketing and advertising classes but I never had an interest...those classes and the people who thrive in them always sort of sickened me.

So what kind of estimate did the roofing guys give you? My house is currently overrun with painters, construction workers and tile guys...it's not fun.

And I've been wondering about you knees--how have they been healing?

t i m said...

Biology/Anatomy/Physiology – I’d definitely fail, but People Manipulation 101 sounds a class I’d excel in, let me know if I should take the exam for you. :)

Marilyn said...

Hello dear friend. It has been to long since I have been to visit or heard from you. My absenc for my space has been due to being gone on the boat far to long this time.
I whole heartedly agree with you on the tactics used in marketing.Irt deplorable how they manipulte the consumer and how low they will stoop to do it.
You are an A+ in my book and I'm so proud of you and how far you have come. You go girl!!!!!!
God bless dear friend.~Love and Hugs~Marilyn~

Mrs. F said...

A D is a passing grade, right! My kids want everything they see on Tv, so it comes as no surprise to me that they actually use child psychologists to get in depth about it all...

Malathionman said...

Online classes are not easy. I took a couple when I was in school. They take a lot of discipline. A "D", yeah right.

Anonymous said...

It would tick me off no end too. I hate that kind of subliminal money spending manipulation. Meh.

Sending vibes for a B- your way.

Anonymous said...

dear i wish u a grerat weekend!

are pumpkins ready?
are u ready for halloween?how willu celebrate?Emily and Abbygale are ready?!?!!

here in iTALY Halloween is celebrate from 3/4 years..but don't so much..
i like that party ;last year we had an halloween's dinner and then we left to a party,and i think that this year we'll do it again .stay with friends is good!
bye bye, Sara


White Hot Magik said...

I think that is the hardest part about going to school when you are not fresh out of high school. There are some things you just don't give a poop about, and don't give a poop about the grade either.

Anonymous said...

Hope I can leave a comment. If I can't, I left a comment to your old space. Love and peace, Zeynep Ankara

Anonymous said...

YAY! It is okay.


Zeynep Ankara

LceeL said...

Hey!! Are you alright? I miss you.

Queenie said...

Happy Halloween.

Shoozles said...

Hello My friend!

You are the winner of the Christmas necklace! I am having a better week
and trying to get back on track so I drew your name this morning and
was quite pleased it is going to you!

I will get this in the mail to you this week.

Is it okay for me to blog about you winning this necklace? Oh and
please feel free to blog about it as well :)) Thanks for all the support!

It was so good to meet your family your husband he is a sweet heart.

Have a great week

Michelle Strader-shoozles