Step 1: Vote. Step 2: Operation Media Blackout

I think I'm going to skip the election coverage this year. I think we've endured enough already. After I perform my civic duty and vote I'm going to try to avoid all coverage of the presidential race. In doing so I'll miss exit polls that are generally skewed, round table discussions by people I don't know and a media blitz unlike we've seen ever. I'm going to skip news websites and political blogs and avoid having discussions about the election with friends of mine who are polarized over the outcome of tomorrow's historic race. It's finally coming to an end and I couldn't be more relieved.
Come Wednesday morning I'm hoping to wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee and then turn on The World and see which direction our nation has decided to go. No matter what your opinion on the candidates or this election is you can't argue with the fact that Times Are 'A Changing.
See you on the flip side.


t i m said...

When you wake up Wednesday morning, don't be surprised to see Ralph Nader as your new president - well, that's what the magic 8 ball told me when I asked it & it never lies.

LceeL said...

Hey! Where you been, momma? Been missin' you, bigtime. But so glad to have you back.

Had enough politics, eh? Me, too. Of course, if the wrong guy wins, I may wind up posting from Canada.

Elizabeth said...

The usual answer applies for my absences of late: no time, too much going on. Life is stark raving mad right now and the only private time I have where I'm not responsible to someone somewhere is in the bathroom. ;)
Our country's next chapter is being written right now... I hope it's going to be a good ending. I'm glad that I "secluded" myself...others I know were experiencing severe drama watching the coverage.

Anonymous said...

gooood morning dear..are u ready for "the change"?

i hope that everything will go well as possible..i've got no trust in politicians; it don't matter black or white,it don't matter rep. or dem. : i think that ALL the politicians are ALL the same (here in italy it's a PURE shame!!!)

i cross my finger and i walk on my side..doing and giving all the best that i can do...


a BIG hug


Queenie said...

I'm even hooked to your politics, so glad its over.

Mrs. F said...

I could not agree more! I am sooo glad it is finally over!

The Dissonance said...

It's so exciting now, post election, as Obama starts building a cabinet. Any chance Bill Clinton could do more than just advise? Now that'd be cool.