I had to open my big mouth

Other titles for this post include:
"What I am doing instead of what I should be doing"
"How not to spend your Sunday"
and, my personal favorite
"The Power of Procrastination"

"Why don't we compare and contrast two speeches?" she said, offering up a suggestion for the Political Science paper that we would have to do for class. ("She" in this instance refers to me.)

"Oh! I love presidential speeches" she (not the aforementioned she but the She who grades my papers) said, pulling out a massive book from her bag that had each inaugural speech since the time of Washington printed inside. I had no idea she had that book hidden in there.

And that's how we got our assignment. The "Annotated bibliography, due November 12th. Outline, due November 17th. Rough draft, due November 24th. Final paper, due December 8th." Did I leave out that this paper must be 8 pages long? Rough draft included?

You might ask yourself why I put off drafting this paper until the day before it's due. Excellent question. I suppose it's because I didn't have a moment to spare for it until today. And now my bottom is becoming flattened from sitting in this chair for so long.

I probably should get back to writing it.


LceeL said...

Yes, get back to writing that paper. We'll all be here when you get to the point where things settle down.

Bird said...

Good thing rough drafts can be rough! I say pour a stiff drink and let hte words flow.

Sidewalks said...

You're beginning to develop my old study habits...put it off as long as you can!

Have a great Thanksgiving, Elizabeth! Hope you and your family are doing well! I'm off to New York...talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

You can do it! Sit back, relax, breathe. Have a great Thanksgiving my friend.

t i m said...

Cramming a day before deadline – that’s how I got through university.

I highly recommend it.

A good pal of mine put in hours of study & is now working towards a PhD but nobody likes a swot. :)

Anonymous said...

hallo "wonderwoman"!
you'll never stop!
take a breathe and only the minimal things necessary..we must have a sane selfishness sometimes!

ciao ciao


Mrs. F said...

Don't steal my thunder. I am the QUEEN of procrastination!