3 days and counting

There is a certain website that I found myself visiting all the time. It's one of those celebrity gossip deals and not altogether very nice. As I found myself reveling in the problems (self inflicted or otherwise) of certain people it suddenly occurred to me that my life may not look so great if it were to be analyzed under a paparazzi's camera lens either. God forbid if the nation suddenly decided to debate my mothering skills, my occasional beer on the weekends, my less than stellar wardrobe or my water weight gain after pizza night. Whoops, was that one out loud?!

So I'm going to take the higher road and stop visiting this website. I don't want to be a part of this obsessed culture that's more interested in who wore what and who did what to whom and who is in rehab this week rather than focusing on what's important in their own lives. And if I'm going to teach my children values I had better reassess my own.

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Patty O said...

That's right. You show those gossipers they can't run you!