I need your help

Have I lost my mind? Am I overreacting? I'll let you be the judge.

Yesterday the fam and I were at Target doing what I do best. Wink I happened to notice that a young kid was walking around the store with a scanner gun in his hand. While I tried to figure out why this kid looked like half of a young couple registering for wedding gifts I noticed his sister, also armed with a scanner gun, standing by her parents looking at a movie. And then it hit me.

These kids are scanning what they want for Christmas.

Is this what technology does for us? Or is this pure laziness or parental indulgence? Whatever happened to making a list and hoping to high heaven that Santa sees the reason in owning a Red Ryder BB Gun? (for those of you who get the movie reference I'm giving you a high five)

I'm annoyed. Baring teeth


Leucantha` said...

High five sister!

Part of me says it is nuts, but then again I think of all the hours we spent pouring over the Sears and Penny's catalog at my grandmothers house with a pen marking what we liked and putting our name by it. We looked at it so much I am surprised there was book left. Not that we got it all but usually at least one item we picked we got.

Funny Nanny never bought me the drum set, I guess my mom never made her that mad. LOL!

MommasWorld said...

This is called Cheap Entertainment he.he.he.

Letting a kid loose in the store with a scanner will pretty much cover every single toy imaginable ending up on his/her list.

Maybe the parents just needed something to distract the children while they shopped. Ok, it could be they have absolutely no idea what their children want for Christmas.

shoozles said...

ARE you kidding? OMG I would have freaked and probably laughed out loud and made the parent mad LOL

I am with mamasworld they probably scanned everything LOL-SOOoooo funny.

Okay I have another image of the two Christmas day looking at each other and saying didn't we scan more than this LOL