Having procrastinated to the nth degree, I have been sitting here at this computer for hours. Hours, I tell you!

As a result, I definitely finished my sports psych paper on--of all things--burnout. (I wonder why on earth I would have picked that topic?) I have had this assignment for ages. I started writing the paper on Friday (it's due tomorrow) and was fairly confident that I would complete an A paper in time.

But then I have to work up a Power Point presentation on it and deliver it tomorrow as well.


I'm seriously dragging my feet here. Looking for distractions. Checking out what's going on in the world with point and click news (no matter what the day there's always something depressing). Checking Facebook. (MySpace is so yesterday) Checking the news again. Anything but focusing on this presentation.

'Cause I'm burnt out, people!

Well, it looks like putting together this entry killed a good 8 minutes. Back to work.


Catty Ax Lady said...

So? So? Is it done? Didya finish it??

Kelsey Kilgore said...

how's it going? an all nighter ahead?

Kelsey said...

oh! that was yesterday. oops! maybe you're sleeping now!

Elizabeth said...

I got everything finished and did the presentation without an initial practice run. We weren't supposed to exceed 10 minutes but I managed to hit a new record: 20 minutes! Whoops! I got 5 points knocked off my total for that but I still don't know my score. I'm SO GLAD that's over! Now I can worry about my biology of nutrition final coming up in a couple of weeks.

Patty O said...

Procrastination is my middle name, so I totally know what you mean there.

And yeah, if I could work for Aer Lingus and fly back and forth from Boston to Dublin all the time, that wold rock!

Rick said...

I think I would be opperating on burn out too. I just spent the whole day Christmas shopping with my wife - only the mall is 2 1/2 hours away. I'm ready for bed, but the youngest is still over at her boyfriend's house watching a movie and I'm sitting here a waiting.

Thanks for dropping in on my blog. We all have some kind of talent. I wish I could write music - but I stick to the cartooning stuff.