2 fer 2

I haven't had much luck with Tuesday.
I showed up at 0830 for my biology final only to discover that I'm a day early. Turns out that this is actually Tuesday, not Wednesday.
So I meander over to the car dealership for my 10 am oil change only to discover...yep... it's tomorrow.
Double Whoops.
At this point I'm feeling more than slightly sheepish. I'm I the only one who has "skipped" a day?


Anna said...

Hi! This place looks really good and I really like the banner :)
I personally hate tuesdays and wednesdays especially...just want to get to friday already!! :))
have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

I like msn live better. Guess just because I am used to it, but you've made a nice place here.


InTheFastLane said...

Ouch! I guess that gives you another day to study :)

Nooner said...

Hi Elizabeth,

This place looks nice. Has a bit of a cleaner look to it than MSN Spaces. Leaving comments is a bit tedious, however. Each visit it looks like you have to reenter your name and web page.


A said...

Hey gurl. Love the new page! Does this mean you're leaving spaces?

Leucantha` said...

The place looks nice!

I guess being a day early is less embarrasing than being a day late, but still aggrivating!

KC said...

I love your banner here... but since I have both a blogger and Spaces blog... I'm OK with either one you choose to update on a regular basis. The only 'issue' with I have with blogger is how problematic it is to leave comments here. It doesn't always work... like in my case at this very moment (after 6 tries - will it work this time??)

Hope you are well, life is falling into place, good luck with finals!

meg said...

Tuesday seems to be the longest day of the week- but the evening is my favorite :) The good thing about being a day early is having another night to prepare :P
I really like the look of your Blogger- especially the header image!