Bits and pieces

There was only one way to end the evening I had last night at work: with a cold beer and left over homemade pizza. Work was horrifying. It was the sort of night where you can't get cut any breaks and you are truly earning your paycheck. Only I don't think we get paid enough to have dealt with what I did last night. *sigh*
Speaking of work, I'm taking a summer online class that I need for my degree. It's called Targeting the Job Market. I think it's both hilarious and depressing that I'm taking this class. It advises students how to handle a job interview, how to write a resume, etc. Here I'm thinking "I'm damn near 34 years old and I th
ink I know how to write a resume." I'm hoping that I'm going to get something out of this class. It's only worth one credit, though. Bummer.

And speaking of school.... I don't think I mentioned how last semester turned out. I earned a B in the biology class I was freaking out about. I'm so pleased with this grade. That class was wicked hard! Everyone else I knew of in that class was either failing it or close to. I'm rather chuffed about it, to be honest. ;) I got A's in my other classes, so my GPA for the semester was 3.69. Yay me!

Abby's graduation was soooo cute! I can't believe my baby's not a baby any more. Not a preschooler but a kindergartener. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Hey there sweetie. Sorry to hear you had such a rough day. Wish I was there to have a wine cooler with ya and just chill. I miss hanging out with my best friend! Wish you could come for a visit.

Miss you tons,

PS - DAMN, Abby got big!!! I guess that makes you old! HA HA

Leucantha` said...

Congrats on school, for you and the bug. I'll be right over to join you in the beer. *I wish*