I think I need to watch Casino Royale again. If nothing else, I'd like to see Daniel Craig again in this.



LceeL said...

Well, there goes MY self image. Maybe I should get MY boobs done.

Anonymous said...

No, no, Elizabeth..Sean is Sean!! (Connery!)!!!!!!


Malathionman said...

Do you mean turn your head and cough?

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is: Where were all these guys in the UK when I was dating and available?

Makes me bloody sick.

Man is he frickin hoooooooot.

Domino said...

The man is like a Campbells Soup commercial, Mmmmm mmmmm good. I agree with anonymous though,there's only one 007 and Sean Connery is his name. That voice! I wonder if I can get him to read me bedtime stories.

t i m said...

His middle is Wroughton & he was born in Chester where they speak funny.

There's nothing hot about that I tells you. :)

Sidewalks said...

There are very few men on the planet that could wear those shorts and get away with it. An average man wearing that same suit would turn straight women gay in an instant.

As for your last post...you need one of those Time-Turning devices that Hermione had in one of the Harry Potter books--that would solve all your problems! Good luck with your time management.

So what's your beef against Mafia movies? Most of them aren't any good, but if you had to watch one it would have to be The Godfather. I bet Jim would be willing to watch it with you, and if he's seen it he could tell you when the violent scenes were coming up so you could cover your eyes. (there's only about four or five graphic scenes)

Don't stress out too much with school, work, motherhood, etc. Take it easy!

Gandalfe said...

For a minute there I thought you were posting my picture again. ;o)

Beth said...

Being of the generation that was around for the "first" Bond, S.Connery, and though I appreciated the other Bond actors, they never seemed to measure up to him for one reason or another.

The new Bond that you have so nicely included a picture of...is the only Bond I have found to come close to good old Sean in that certain over-all appeal.