Flush! Wash!

What ever do I say after being away for so long? The last thing I want to do is give a play by play of the drama over the last month and a half so I'll spare you the gory details and simply say, "Hello there".

That's not to imply that everything is coming up roses and life is just hunky dory. It's not. But, as the title of this entry implies, I'm going to flush all the "bad" away and wash my hands clean. I'll also be keeping my fingers crossed that the toilet doesn't back up.

What's that smell?


Mrs. F said...

Holy crap. You are still alive. Glad to finally hear from you!


Shana said...

I thought you were going to tell a poo story!!
(I love poo stuff!)

Bird said...

good to see ya!

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooh!!finally!!i was thinking that i had lost my California's girl: what a a damage! ^-^

i'm very happy that u're here again and that u're hands are washed as well

a big hug..see u soon ! 1 bacio!


LceeL said...

Hello. The first thing that comes to mind are the knees. How are the knees?

t i m said...

Hi there,

Hope all the 'bad' has been cleansed away indefinitely.

Gandalfe said...

Very mysterious for this casual reader. I'll take your word for it we are better off not knowing; been there and said that. So welcome back and be well.

Anonymous said...

lately i'm on facebook..are u in? if yes let me know it..hope to see u there too ciao ciao

White Hot Magik said...

Now I am dying of curiosity. I was afraid you were going to go all Malathionman on us for a sec.... Glad you are back on blogger, I have been having a hard time writing of late.

Anonymous said...

I so hear ya!!!
But I did give somewhat of an update - for those who aren't on FB friends list... and even those give hardly a glimpse of what's what.

LOL... trying to get caught up on my blogging friends list... oye!

Ciao bella,

Sidewalks said...

Wow. After reading your highlights it sounds like you've been through hell in a very short amount of time. Hope things are beginning to look up for you. At least you finished school, right? Congrats!

And yes, it's been unusually warm here, even by Southern Californian standards. You probably don't want to hear this, but it's been T-shirt weather during the day and we're sleeping with the window open at night.

But hey, in another what...two or three months?...it'll warm up for you, too. I'm sure that time will just fly by. ;)

I'll try my best to send some warm weather your way!