Where the hell did March go?

So much for my "return to blogging". Anyway, March was overrated. Everything and nothing happened. And it's hard to cover all of that.

Did I tell you that I swore off fast food for a year? (Of course not!) I can't recall the exact date but I made the oath in the first part of March--I think. The only exception to the "no fast food" rule is if I find myself in a pickle (between a sesame seed bun...I kid) and have to eat at a FFR then the exception is that I can eat there only if I eat a salad. Eating at a proper restaurant doesn't count as FF either but that doesn't mean that going overboard is authorized. Because it's not.

Why all the fuss? Two guesses.

And I have to start exercising again. Because again... two guesses. And short's weather is around the corner. Gotta tone up those legs!


Turf Dad said...

"Gotta tone up those legs!"
Shave them first. :)

Mrs. F said...

Because you got a job as a personal trainer, but you gained 5 pounds after your surgery? (That is my guess)

LceeL said...

I NEED a personal trainer. By the Way, how are your knees? And welcome back.

Anonymous said...

thank u for the comment in my blog!..glad to see u again, see u soon,hugs!,Sara


Anonymous said...

i must tone up my legs ..and my ass too!!!so after easter (easter's day i would eat veeeery much!!!) i will restart with footing and some exercise.."bikini's time" is just around the corner!!! a big hug and happy easter to u and all ur family! cheeers


Anonymous said...

hallo!i'm also on twitter(!) http://twitter.com/panina..ciaooo

(p.s. i never leave msn!)


The Dissonance said...

Wow, where'd April go? ;o)

White Hot Magik said...

I know I am really late to this party but you just can always count of certain people to make a funny comment.

MarmiteToasty said...

Now ya gonna say 'where the hell did April go' lol


Anonymous said...

and now is MAY!