Getting taken for a ride

Today we picked up new bikes for the girls. We ended up buying two from Wal-Mart, the seventh circle of hell on a rainy Memorial Day, and I really struggled with our choices. The only bikes that the girls really liked (and truly fit on) were a Bratz and a Hannah Montana bike.

Insert heavy sigh here.

My kids don't have Bratz dolls. We don't buy into the Hannah Montana craze. I refuse to spend my money on dolls that look like prostitutes and I won't play into the machine that is Hannah Montana/High School Musical or whatever else is popular this week. I'm a mean mom and a marketing executive's worst nightmare.

So what's a mean mom and a marketing executive's worst nightmare to do when she finally caves and makes the dreaded purchase? She removes all the stickers off of the bikes of course! Take that you evil doers, you corrupter of children and depleters of college funds!

I still feel dirty, though.


The Dissonance said...

They are bikes, just let it go. Or, have a painting party for the girls to customize them. I use auto paint that comes in a spray can to touch up my 36 year old trek's blue sparkle finish. It looks like new and I've put it in the ditch a couple of times.

LceeL said...

They are, like The Dissonance said, just bikes. They gotta look like somethin', right? May as well be something the girls can be excited about - a little.

Bird said...

I like the turquoise one!

Strange. . . our Walmart was completely deserted today.

MarmiteToasty said...




t i m said...

there's no escaping hannah montana :)

SleepyDad said...

You're mean mom and you should be ashamed of yourself. Love you.

White Hot Magik said...

Ahh the perils of walmart. It's funny I don't think I have any strong feelings of aversion to the boys trademark stuff like I do the girls. Interesting...

Anywhoo, the last post was well scary. I would like to get two more bikes so we could all ride as a family. The boys are really enjoying riding lately it fact it is Zach's passion, he got his training wheels off this week and has had so much fun...

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