Picture Day Mania

Nothing sets a mother's nerves on edge more than the dreaded Picture Day. If you are a smart parent you will mark this occasion on your calendar as a reminder. Perhaps you may find the time to purchase your kids a new shirt for the special event that will capture their spirit, those special smiles, that twinkling of their eyes. You might even treat the lovelies to a trim.

Or perhaps not.

Perhaps you will fail to remember that Picture Day is coming, much less that it's TOMORROW. You might say a prayer of thanks because all of the laundry is done. But then it's likely that as you dig through baskets of clothes that have yet to be put away you will notice that your child's wrinkled khaki capris have dirt stains from playground jaunts that are stubborn enough to stay put and refuse all efforts to wash out. You will likely hope that the photographer will grant your wish and go for a head shot only and not focus (both literally and figuratively) on the fact that you have purposely sent your child off to school with khaki capris (freshly ironed!) that are dirt stained.

After the Picture Day Outfit crisis has passed you will still fret over Picture Day Smiles. "Don't cheese too hard!" you'll beg in the same breath that you pleaded "Smile naturally!" Equally intimidating is the dreaded Picture Day Hair Faux Pas. Was it brushed properly? Is there a goofy hair sticking up? Are you really going to think in 20 years that spraying half a can of Aqua Net on your head to get your hairstyle just right was truly the look for you in the 9th grade?

Thank God for Picture Day Retakes. Bring it on.


LceeL said...

Oh my goodness. Is that you? Love the hair. And the smile is brilliant. Just brilliant. Have you shown that to your kids?

LceeL said...

Okay - a 'peek at your life' would seem to say "Kid", not "kids". Sorry. And further 'peeks' would seem to indicate that your hair is in MUCH better shape today than it was ... then. And, today, your smile is lovely and at all time, properly formulated.

Elizabeth said...

You were right the first time Lou! 2 girls.
Yes, that's me. I remember at the time that I thought I looked really good, and I felt this level of self confidence that I hadn't felt in a long time. Now I look at that picture and am reminded of how small I was, and how goofy my hair looked!

Katy said...

Wow, that's a lot of stress over picture day. Kind of explains why my mother freaked out the time I wore a drug store necklace in my picture.

t i m said...

this face is really not laughing @ your old school pic, honest, he-he ;)

White Hot Magik said...

Awesome! I have some good ones I should post sometime. (P.S. Back then I am sure you cool with that do!)