Best For Last, indeed.

I'm a music addict. If I were denied a life filled with music I think I would shrivel up like a dying worm and kick the bucket. Slightly dramatic, but fairly close to the truth.

Like the rest of the world I have my favorites. And I imagine that unlike the rest of the world, my favorites are stumbled upon and unexpected. My latest obsession I discovered flipping through the pages of an old magazine.

When you disconnect from the rest of the world little things slip by you, like the latest blockbuster movie starring someone you've never heard of or the marriage of yet another self absorbed Hollywood couple. But the downside is that I missed the boat when it came to hearing Adele as early as possible.

I was listening to 19, Adele's debut cd, the other day when I first heard Best For Last. That song shocked me into a stunned stillness. This chick has some pipes.

But now I've been inspired. I will share my musical obsessions if you'll share yours. Deal?


LceeL said...

She's AWESOME!! As for me, lately my most inspiring song is "Tally's Lullaby" as played by Karen Marie Garrett.

t i m said...

i like adele, she sings like an angel, but talks with that london cockney accent - i suppose no-one's perfect ;)

Katy said...

I get my favorite music from TV shows and movies. Great way to find stuff that isn't playing on the radio 23/7.

Anonymous said...

I've liked Adele for some time now! I used to do the whole Music posting thing but I don't have too much time for that these days... not much time to listen to new music either, which is rather disappointing too. But much like Katy - I hear something on a TV show that I like and I look it up, investigate it a bit further... and then decide!

You should do a running blog posting about music you find and share it!!!

Ciao bella,

MarmiteToasty said...

Ive loved Adele from day one and she is just the funniest when interviewed..... and was amazing on the Jools Holland show...