Things that have happened in the last 2 weeks

I was hired by a fitness management company to do personal training. Drop and give me twenty!!! This both excites me and terrifies me on several different levels, and ultimately it puts me one step closer to my goals. The light at the end of my tunnel is growing brighter, my friends!

Because I'm spending so much time at the gym, either working out myself or putting clients through the rigors themselves, I'm getting back where I'm wanting to be physically. No one wants a frumpy looking personal trainer. And my legs are gonna be rocking!

The trainer shirts that we get are on backorder. Silently, I'm annoyed by this. Subconsciously, I am worried that they are holding out on me in case I suck. Think good thoughts!

I took my first two exams in psychology, back to back, for which I proclaimed to the instructor that I just was aiming to pass the test. I was one of four who scored an A on the first test, and the only one to score an A on the second. Yes, I did spike the ball in the end zone, as a matter of fact. Then I did the Macarena.

I netted a 91% on my first Nutrition exam, taken last night online. Ok, so I got an A. But um, hello... it was online. Online means open book, and I carefully reviewed each question and then reference my answers. Twice. I want to know why I missed 8 questions (grrr) but I won't know until next week. I don't want to give information and advice on a 91. Just like I don't want a surgeon who scored an 85 on her final exam operating on my brain!

I received an invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa, a "international honor society of two-year colleges and academic programs." The two advisors for the society from my school just happen to be my Nutrition instructor and my English teacher (I got an A in her class). I think I am gonna join up because I will then be eligible for a number of scholarships. Next years tuition could be paid for by the school!

My daughter Abby has me pegged. Yesterday we popped into Target to pick up a birthday present for a party she was going to. As we get out of the car Abby says to me, "Mama, no farting around. We go in and we get out. No looking at CD's!" She's five and a half.

After a very brief visit to Target we shuttle over to Slackers and I tell Abby that we're only going to be inside for a couple of minutes. "One minute", Abby instructs. It's at this point that I remind Abby exactly who she is talking to.

At Blockbuster last night I found Sahara in the bargain bin for $3.99. I scooped up that puppy quicker than you can say "Matthew McConaughey shirtless". Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my chin.


Patty O said...

I remember one time I was in Big Lots and I got all excited when I saw Major League on the discount rack for only $1.99. I was like "Holy crap!" until I took a closer look and realized it was dubbed in Spanish. Yeah. And seeing as I don't speak Spanish, the excitement wore off a little.

Patrick Truax said...

I think you need a vacation and some relaxtion time would do you wonders. Perhaps here?http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a243/cardinal4/arapaho.jpg

Patrick Truax said...

Sorry, I still can figure which HTML tag to use..

Malathionman said...

When I went back to school I paid for my first semester. After that my advisor hooked me up with a couple of leads for scholarships and I didn't pay a cent for the rest of my education. There are lots of ways to pay for school if a person wants to look for them.

Leucantha` said...

Damn I wish I could come over and drool with you. Why is that man so fine?
So does this mean no more airline?

Definitely check out the scholarship office. I know from experience they are many that go unused, you would be surprised if you hadn't already applied.

While I love to score well on tests as well and would bug about the Nutrition thing, I would use it to my advantage. Chocolate Ice cream isn't good for me? What would I know? I missed eight questions on my nutrition exam. Use it to your favor missy!