I think I'm going to hyperventilate.
I just checked my school email to see if my final in nutrition had been graded yet (I took it this morning at 9 a.m.) and there it was, an email from my instructor simply titled "final grade".
*deep breath*
I had dreaded this moment ever since I handed in my test. I barely studied, really. If I totally bombed--and I was pretty sure that I had--then it would strictly be my fault for not putting as much study time into it as I should have (there was that annoying job, home and family that was always getting in the way). I was annoyed that we were testing two chapters (vitamins & minerals) that we had already tested on. Come on, already! Don't these people know about the "data dump"?! Cram everything into your head for the test then dump it out for the next round of information? (Disclaimer: this theory should never be practiced by those entering the field of oh, say, neurosurgery.) I was feeling less than confident about my final.
But I got an 83.
My final score for the class? N I N E T Y T W O B A B Y ! ! ! !
And now, the happy dance!!!
I may actually pull off a 4.0!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Well done! canI just tell you, as I read this post I felt my own sense of dread come rushing back to me, recalling similar feelings when i was in school...

Catty Ax Lady said...

Hey, congrats missy! You ROCK!

Dan said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Malathionman said...

When I went back to school(at 35) I had a 4.0 the first semester, then again in the second semester. Then anything less than an "A" would be unacceptable.

Rick said...

Very Congrat's. The only time I got a 4.0 was on an IQ test.