I just realized...

...that I have nothing to say.
Nothing witty or exciting to impart. No new funny anecdotal stories about my girls (doing wonderfully, by the way). Nothing dripping with just the perfect amount of sarcasm to barely register on the Richter scale. And I am so tired of complaining about my job with my coworkers that I have no energy left to do it here. Coming up with something that will keep people interested, and in doing so, keeping myself relevant, is becoming such a chore.
I wonder if I have Blogger's Block?


Pat said...

Hi, I'm Pat! Sorry you have nothing to say. I like your blog though and even if you can't think of anything good to write now, once I think of something, it's like a drug, and I HAVE to write! :)

Girish G. K. said...

Chanced by your blog, thought id drop in a note. Nice blog even though u may not have had anything to say today!
Have a nice day
Peace be

WHW said...


Stopping by to say, "Hey".