Living at the library

I swear I should move in.
I have spent most of the last couple of months in and out of the library, borrowing everything that I can get my dirty little hands on. Books! CD's! Books on CD! Movies! While Supplies Last!
It's been great.
I think the library staff knows me by now. If it's not for the sole reason of checking my items out then it's for me paying fines for returning movies late. I swear my late fees are funding the library.
But my deep relationship with the library is about to come to a screeching halt, I fear. Classes resume August 20th and I'm registered for 12 credit hours. Oh, and IF I get accepted, I'll be working 20 hours at the college for a work study program in addition to the 40 hours that I work already.
Yes, I have in fact lost my ever loving mind.
I'm not sure when I'm going to study. Is the library open at 2 in the morning?


Leucantha` said...

Okay you are insane. Two jobs, school, mommyness. You go girl!

Jyothi said...

Hi Elizabeth, even I will accept with leucantha. Go Ahead girl.

BTW, thanks for your lovely words. Next time, when you buy the coriander, open each bunch and let it dry outside for some time means minimum for 45 minutes. After that cut the leaves (if you like some part of stemp too), store in a box and keep it in freezer. You can use for minimum more than 4 days. I will do in the same way only. In the same process, I will do with curry leaves too. Try once.

Very soon I am going to post the samosa recipe with detailed
photographs. Please wait till that. Keep on visiting dear.
Once again thanks a lot.

Jennipher said...

OK, so when do the hubby and kids get to see you other than when you're snoring? My god woman! You need to take a break before something in your bodysnaps and makes you take a break!

Sending you all my love, Sweetie!

Miss you tons,