I don't want to smell like a hoochie

For my birthday my mother gave me a beautiful pair of earrings. (Thanks again, Ma!) Inside the gift bag she had tossed a couple of perfume samples as she knows I dig smelling lovely and fresh. But at the sight of one of the samples I had to cringe.
"Paris Hilton?!"
If there is anything more Not Lovely and Fresh it would be Paris Hilton and her perfume. I mean, really, is there any need to explain it?
My birthday was a month ago and I just came across that same sample this evening. Curious (or bored, take your pick), I opened the card that enclosed the sample and read what was written inside:
"Share a bit of the magic that is Paris Hilton. Find out what it smells like to be a Star."
Like, Gag Me With A Pitchfork!
I could think of several words to describe Ms. Hilton. "Star", unfortunately, would not be one of them.
What would YOUR word be?


Pat said...

I could think of a word to describe Paris Hilton. I'll give you a hint. It starts with an s and rhymes with butt. Thankfully, though, I don't think Nicole Ritchie gets the same amount of attention as Paris.

MillieJ said...

Paris Hilton is not pretty and all her best friends are either straving themselves, drink, taking drugs and have bookies taking bets on who will by found died.
I can't imagine Paris Hilton perfume selling well anymore.
Curious is by Britney Spears, I believe which was made when she could still convince us she was fairly sweet and a little dim. I sniffed Curious in my local department store, it was cheap and clear designed for 14 year olds.

Jo-Lo's perfume on the other hand I have found wearable and very nice it is called Glow, it is designed for a sexy,grown woman, not a trashy young girl.

Stella McCartney has a truely beautiful perfume range out but nothing about her is cheap and she is not a desperate celeb either.

Patty O said...

Yeah, when you don't have a job, it becomes pretty easy to write 15 posts in a month. My new goal: beat the pants off of July in August.

I actually told an employer I interviewed with yesterday about the blog, and she said she'd look at it. I'm sure she'll probably fall on the floor laughing and hire me immediately. I mean, that's what I'd do.

Malathionman said...

Elizabeth, there is a skanky smell coming from your site.

YO said...

Paris Hilton: lady who lost the track?
Obviously not an example.