Boxers and briefs

Gentlemen, I need some insight. Ladies, if you have any information then you too may enlighten me.

What's up with men's underwear ads?

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

First there's this:

Then there's this:

Are men so concerned with what their waistbands look like that it's become a necessity to casually lift a shirt to show it off?

Do men really stand around in their underwear admiring themselves?

Do male models need to be "fitted" into their underwear? What are the qualifiers for that job?

Do men judge themselves on how much alike they look to the men who model the underwear?

Is there a man alive today who still wears Fruit of the Loom?

Is there a man alive who will admit to wearing one of these?


WHW said...

For some reason, the pics in your post made me feel uncomfortable :>).

I can proudly say that I never wore "the pouch". As long as the waistband is wide enough for my name, I am happy.

Dazd said...

I still wear Fruit of the Looms. I prefer them over any other brand.

Patty O said...

There's no way I could wear that underwear in the last picture. If I did, I would seriously have like 500 girls on top of me in a second. It'd be bad!

Malathionman said...