Midnight Musings

By all rights I should be in bed. It is, after all, after midnight. But a thought occurred to me as I lay head to pillow, one with such a forceful clarity that I sat up in bed, dumbstruck.

I swirled this thought around in my head like red wine in a crystal glass and tried to discern it.

Was I right? Wrong? Could I really have been so idiotic?

I hate it when stuff like this happens when I'm trying to fall asleep.


Patty O said...

So what was the thought?

Anyway, you should check out my buddy Tuck's blog, http://greatandterribletuck.blogspot.com

Brian (PunkBoy) said...

Is this a game? LoL

Patty O said...

Hey, actually, he changed it. It's http://cwtuck.blogspot.com

Leucantha` said...

Dude that is so unfair.

and yes, I do hate that!

KC said...

Nothing better to cause insomnia than self doubt. You have to trust yourself to be OK no matter what - mistake or not.