I'm lucky they don't charge interest

As an adult (ok, stop snickering) I no longer carry cash on me like I did in years past. We're becoming a cashless society and I'm following suit (which annoys the nonconformist in me). The only time I seem to need cash is when I need to buy a bottle of water at work or at the gym.
Remember that part about me not carrying cash?
Guess who has cash and change pouring out of their little ears?
If you guess my little buglettes then you would be spot on. Where do they get their bits? In birthday cards and as Christmas gifts. Abby, who recently had her 6th birthday, is still swimming in 5's and 10's. She's got more dead presidents on her nightstand than I have had in my wallet in the last month.
I'd like to go on record as saying that it's rather humiliating to ask my 6 year old if I can borrow a couple of bucks till the end of the week.


NickBlogger said...

It won't be the last time.

Jungle Mama said...

Well, the other day I didn't even have coins to pay for my spoke change. I had to ask my husband to give me back the coins he stole out of my wallet! Sheesh . . .

Paige Turner said...

Hahah, I laugh at my parents all the time when they ask me to borrow cash.
I'm a cash-earning teenaged babysitter who has now earned the title, "Madame Moneybags" (It's an upgrade from "Miss Moneybags") but it is still frustrating when I need my cash for something or I'm running low and everyone thinks I'm an ATM.

Tammie Jean said...

I've been there... plenty of times!