Maybe I'm too quick to make judgments about people.

While driving home from the gym today a gal in a Prius turned left into the intersection that I was waiting to cross and I noticed that she was smoking a cigarette.

This gave me pause. This pause gave me a moment to rapidly piece together some broken logic.

Hybrid car = environmentally conscious = green = save the planet = down with global warming = ...smoker? Erm, hello...? Am I missing something? Isn't smoking in a hybrid sort of hypocritical? (Note: I am not an environmental activist of any sort past the usual "recycle your bits" sort of thing)

Right or wrong, that was my thought process.

Maybe she's in the Prius to save a few bucks on gas and isn't environmentally conscious at all. Maybe.

Ok, now that that's off my chest, please excuse the double cheeseburger I ate before going to the gym.


Diesel said...

It's true that it doesn't quite seem to fit, but I seriously doubt if smoking is a serious threat to the environment. It's much more of a threat to the smoker and the people around them. Of course, being concerned about "the environment" (excluding one's immediate surroundings) is pretty common. Kind of like how I love humanity but hate people.

Patty O said...

It would've been worse if she threw the cigarette out the window into the street instead of putting it out in the ashtray. I hate it when people do that.

t i m said...

The head teacher at my school [workplace] keeps sending emails littered with spelling errors.

I keep thinking I ought to correct her, but I like being employed.

Anonymous said...

I know you better than to eat a cheeseburger anyway! Nice try. Now, if you'd said "cheeseCAKE. Kidding" I would have had some serious doubts.

Don't you love people irony? Makes me laugh sometimes.

LceeL said...

I get the same kind of disconnect with the Braille on the keypad at the drive-up ATM. Who knew blind people could drive?

BTW - "Quaker"?????

The Dissonance said...

I once calculated for my mom the payoff in gas savings to offset the cost of the then new Prius. It was something over 8 years. So buy a Prius was like a tax for trying to take care of this blue marble, not a savings. Not sure if the prices have come down since.


saara said...

well.sometimes i smoke(when iam nervous..3times in one year..oh man!i'll never understand them!)and sometimes i eat cheesburger,pizza,i drink coca-cola(coke don't DIET coke!)(when iam nervous..MANYtimes in one year..oh man!i'll never understand them!)..
so , i think that all this thing that i do are bed for the planet but are good for me...AM I EGOISTA?!=SELFISH WOMAN?..

HUG SARA (www.moonstage.spaces.live.com ..do u remember?HYUM! ;)