Nothing says "Back to school" like sheep brains

Why I'm penning this (typing this?!) right now instead of working on home work I don't quite know. OK, I do know; it's a little something called procrastination, but I'll keep this brief in the interest of my Anatomy & Physiology grade and your Sunday stomach.

I sat for nearly 4 hours yesterday in a lab at school reviewing anatomical positions, parts of the body, quadrants of the body, rates of diffusion, filtration and osmosis, and leaning in as close as humanly possible while keeping my body as far away as possible from sliced up sheep brains to determine if cuts were frontal, oblique, transverse or sagittal. What a great way to begin a Saturday morning!

My next lab isn't until February 2nd (that's why it lasts four whole hours) but all of my lecture bits and homework bits are dealt with online.

Welcome to technology, baby.


Patty O said...

I remember my anatomy and physiology class. We dissected worms and frogs, but not sheep brains! I don't know if I could do that!

Diesel said...

I didn't realize sheep even had brains. What do they do with them?

NickBlogger said...

Nothing quite beats the smell of formaldehyde.

Patty O said...

They show Clive Owen's butt in Shoot 'Em Up. Maybe that's the only good thing about the movie.