¡Adoro la música!

As we raced west across the Phoenix desert, radial tires melting on the hot asphalt of I-10 toward California, the radio pickin's were sparse. Country here, static there, and...what's this? And why do I suddenly crave a margarita?

We had stumbled upon Mexican music. (Forgive me if using the term "Mexican music" is just plain lazy. At the time I didn't know there was Norteño or Banda or Duranguense. The only thing I had ever been familiar with was the music that played in the background at my local Mexican restaurant.) We were so enthralled by the sounds we were hearing that we kept listening to Mexican radio stations throughout our entire vacation. Never mind that neither Jim nor I spoke Spanish and we couldn't understand a thing. Mexican music, no matter what the lyrics spoke of, was colorful and unexpected. Listening to it was a treat for my ears.

Back in the Midwest, the first thing I did during our drive home from the airport was search for a Mexican radio station. No such luck in St. Louis. Next I tried streaming internet radio. I picked up a couple of stations out of Santa Fe, Mexico City and Highland Park, Illinois (?!). They will do in a pinch.

Ah, but my accidental discovery! (I tend to find things that I'm looking for in places I never expected to find them.) Thanks to MySpace, I am now addicted to the Mexican Institute of Sound. Mexican electronica...who knew?


LceeL said...

SWMBO is Mexican-Irish and we enjoy listening to La Musica Espana.

Anonymous said...

about my blog:
they speak only english..and the typical breakfasti is made by: a plentiful meal to base of bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding ,white pudding (pork, fat and oatmeal), tomatoes fried, tea or coffee...: this i can't do it!!!


Anonymous said...

from 15june to 15 august in "milano" (an half hour by my town) there is the "festival of latinos americanos" with all the mexican(and don't only) music.my sster is going tonight (here now it's 24.00amo'clock)would u come?also in a dream! ;D or go on the site of this festival : http://www.latinoamericando.it

u can hear the music: i love that sound!

i like also that kind of music 'cause is always cheerful!

and i like the mexican food!!the "red hot chilly peppers" or that is another one thing about california's speciality?yummy!

have a good weekend


Bird said...

Have you heard the Spanish group The Gypsy Kings? It's Spanish, not Mexican, but I like it.

Zeynep Ankara said...

I prefer Mexican restaurans, lol...

Zeynep Ankara said...

By the way, thanks for the video you left on my space.

Have a good weekend Elizabeth. xx

Anonymous said...

hi Elizabeth:




go into my blog for the reward!!
thanx for have play!!;)))


Gandalfe said...

Music is a way of live, no? Always new things to experience and learn about. Exploring starting at your link opened doors for me. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

a proverb o the "old latin person"(period of Giulio Caesar-ancient romen)said:

"men sana in corpore sano"

it's a compliment for u...i leave to ur brain cells, the pleasure to "looking for " the translate..

at the next...ciaooo:D


Anonymous said...

Oh how cool are they!!!
Thanks for highlighting them - I love it when I stumble across some great music!!! We DO indeed have VERY similar taste in music!!!

I will be looking into these guys a whole lot more!

Ciao bella,

Anonymous said...

Uhumm... dont'cha worry hon - I sure got even!!! If it wasn't for the fact that I am slippery when wet - she was coming in with me! She got her share of mouthfuls of water when she braved the pool.

We talked later on - and we're cool. I wasn't after her man. I'm sick of men & their bullcrap... long long long hiatus - seriously!!! So her & I were cool - but he wasnn't gettin any that night!!

Its all very good - and yeah - it was a good party - I'm sure if you were there - we'd have had a blast!

Who knows... maybe one day?! That would be sooo cool!


t i m said...

I prefer the Macarena. :)

Diesel said...

They play Mexican music at Del Taco. I wish they wouldn't.

Oates gets that John Leguizamo thing all the time.

White Hot Magik said...

Inteesting. Viva Mejico!! You should check out my buddies (http://www.nosotrosmusic.net/) I really do enjoy their music, not just because we are buddies with the guys in the band.