The Great PB & J Debate

Folks, forget oil prices. I have an issue that requires--nay demands--the immediate attention of the global community. Friends and lurkers alike, I ask you, "How do you put together your PB & J?"

See, here's how it is: I asked Jim to make me a PB & J for lunch. (Actually, it was Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter With Honey and Red Raspberry Simply Fruit on Brownberry Health Nut bread... but who's paying attention?) I walked into the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks. In open mouthed horror I observed my husband fashioning together my sandwich. He was, prepare yourself, spreading the jam on top of the peanut butter before putting the other bread slice on to close the sandwich.

This is so unnatural. While I was thankful that my man was making me lunch I just couldn't help feeling as though earth was tilting off it's axis. He may as well have been only buttering one side of a piece of bread while making a grilled cheese sandwich! Oh, the horror! When I expressed to Jim my distress he shrugged it off as a non-issue. I'm incline to disagree. And so I must take action.

Here are Elizabeth's 5 easy steps to putting together the perfect PB & J:

1. Remove 2 slices of bread from package. Twist bag of bread to close and fold twist under bread and stow. Throw away green twisty tie if applicable and greatly annoy your husband.
2. Set stacked bread slices on your prep surface. Take hold of the top slice by the right corner and "open" said slice to the left.
3. Spread peanut butter on one slice, ensuring smooth application and even distribution. Avoid tearing bread.
4. Spread jelly/jam/fruit spread on the other slice, ensuring smooth application and even distribution. Avoid tearing bread.
5. Take hold of the slice of bread on your left and "marry" it to the slice on the right. You now have a symmetrical sandwich creation and have not screwed up anyone's Feng Shui.

So that's how I put together my PB & J's. How do you put together yours?


Anonymous said...

I do it like your hubby.
Although ... not sure what the difference is honestly...
The PB MUST be Jiffy Crunchy...
And the J MUST be Raspberry - the brand isn't as important to me... preferably homemade honestly.

But as far as concoting the makings of a PB&J 'sammwitch' (least I get burnt at the stake for this)... as long as it oozing and it sticks to my pallette... I be smiling!

Malathionman said...

You are sadly mistaken. Your husband is right. I think you owe him an apology.

I'd hate to read how you make a BLT.

Bird said...

Ha ha! We have become a throw out the twist tie family since my husband throws them all away. I give up.

Anyway, I do not care for Jelly, so make it anyway you like. I like mine with just peanut butter.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Well I side with you E...and of course, I'll hear from my husband about how this is yet another way I'm just like you. Only one step differs in my assembly though...the peanut butter and jelly must be all the way out to the edges of each slice of bread. Who likes eating a bread sammich? That's what you get if there's no pb&j on the edge.

White Hot Magik said...

The exact same way, the right way. Gemini's know these things don't mess with us people!

My husband, the freak, buttes both slices with peanut butter and then add jelly in between.

Oh and now I am going to have to make one, you aren't helping my diet tonight. LOL

Daisy said...

It never even occurred to me that there would be any other way than your way. Woah. It doesn't even make sense...

The only thing that I do differently is that these days I really love pistachio butter mixed with a little honey and blackberry jelly. Sometimes I use a little softened butter on the PB side if I'm using especially sticky PB.

Anonymous said...



LceeL said...

But you forgot the butter! You MUST have butter on a PB&J - on at least one side, if not both. And bacon. And slices of banana. Yeah - get your panties out of their twist and try it. THEN you can scream at the computer - but not until.

Not recommended for heart patients.

Anonymous said...



Mrs. F said...

You are right (of course, you already knew that though!)