The letter that never came

Nearly a week ago I detailed my hunt for the mailman, awaiting a letter I had hoped he would be bringing to my mailbox.

It's official. It's not coming.

I have been on parental pins and needles since the end of the school year. Abby was tested for gifted but didn't score high enough to be invited into the program. When I learned of the testing I told myself that her getting in wasn't overly important to me, but it would be really cool if Abby could ride the bus across town with Emily, who is in the gifted program, where they could see each other in the halls at school. But as each day passed and a letter from the school district failed to arrive that outlook morphed into something else, and it was a far cry from wanting to strengthen a sisterly bond. I wanted her in that program. I wanted her to have the same opportunities available to her that were available to her sister. In hushed voices I was constantly told by teachers and aides how smart Abby was, how talented her artwork was. With Emily in gifted I thought for sure Abby was a shoe-in. Imagine, both of my girls in the gifted program. Well, keep imagining.

I feel like I've failed Abby. As if I didn't do enough for her. She has no idea of the drama that her parents are feeling about her education. Emily has been extremely lucky thus far to have fantastic teachers. Abby had an amazing kindergarten teacher, and it would be my dream to have that teacher throughout her academic career. Or Mocha Momma (I'm not picky). I just want my daughter to have the best.


Mrs. F said...

Bummer! She can try again next year, can't she? That would be nice to have your girls together, I'm sure...

LceeL said...

Some kids test better than others. They just test better. The obverse of that is that some really, really smart kids don't test well. Don't give up on her.

Bird said...

The gifted program won't make or break your child. Even better, she'll probably be one of the smartest kids in her class if she missed it by thismuch, which we know she did.

Abby will get a chance to be her own person rather than Emily's sister. Water her artistic talent, tell her she's brilliant and that's worth a hundred times more than some program.

White Hot Magik said...

I like what bird said. However I can understand wanting the best for the kiddos.

Anonymous said...

none got faults.you are fantastic parents.everyone of us is provided in its field. outstanding in something.we are not the same..FOR LUCK!!

we are 3 sisters, more different everyone.the more intelligence of us (she's 31years old)now works in a supermarket, the more "smart" (she's 30yearsold) that for never likes the school now she directs an important shop of healt's articles and she is a lot request from the other competition shops! i did the BIG mistake of to do only the obligatory school (i would please to re-live a second time and to put right to the mistakes committed) and for my luck now i've got a beautiful job , from 8 years (after manymanymany others jobs)i work in a shop and i do also the secretary..

so never mind the future..you are writing them destiny with the right hand..
a big hugs to ur child

ciao ciao


Beth said...

Wow Elizabeth...you have been busy!

That had to be terribly disappointing for you about Abby.

There is a lot of good advice coming from your posse. All I will add is...so often our disappointments turn into appointments we could not have dreamed...in a different direction.

We make peanut butter sandwiches the same. ;) K and I have compromised on the bag closing thingy.

We were in a Mexican restaurant recently and I was grooving (sorry... showing my age) to the music. I see why you like it so much.

Took note of your the 6 more days and am praying. I have a girlfriend that is my age and she was so happy about how the surgery on her one knee helped her that she will be getting the other done as well.

Do you know that we are both big fans of Kathy Reich?

Anonymous said...

Well... don't fret!! You have amazing daughters! Can she retest next year or is this a one time that's it kind a deal? And like Bird said - she will be the smartest in her class... bringing in great marks - that is something to be very proud of!

You didn't fail - it just didn't work out the way YOU wanted it too - what doesn't change is that she IS gifted!


t i m said...

You certainly haven't failed her in the slightest. Judging by the teachers' comments she sounds like one smart cookie.

Anonymous said...




Zeynep Ankara said...

Yes, it would be great for your daughters. But it is life, you know, maybe it is better for their personality development. Maybe this would help their individuations...

Hugs, Zeynep xx

Anonymous said...

I love what Lou and Bird said. My sentiments exactly.