What a way to kick off August

I feel rather silly about making such a fuss over Abby and this program. I know that she's going to do fantastic no matter where she's at. Maybe I just had to get all of that frustration off of my chest. So thank you for listening to me gripe.

Speaking of chests, mine happens to be terribly sunburned at the moment. Along with my face, arms, legs and belly. I, uh, sort of fell asleep--face up--on a raft, which happened to be floating on a lake. "Jungle Juice" may or may not have been a contributing factor. This is apparently the risk you run while on a "Girl's Weekend", especially if you mix 20 or so women who are kid-free, husband-free or boyfriend-free for two days. Next year's Girls Weekend is taking place down in Memphis. Graceland should start boarding up the windows now!

I will have one full day to recover from all things "over exposed" and then it's time to get scoped. There is a slight change in plans, however. I'm going to have surgery on both knees instead of just my right one. I'm excited at this because it should bring my recovery to a close sooner rather than later.

I'm off to try to find a home remedy to soothe my baked skin. I was considering basting myself in French's mustard, as recommended by this site, but I swiftly realized that I might be mistaken for an Oscar Mayer wiener. Perhaps I'll stick to Aloe Vera.


t i m said...

Every morning I dip myself in sun lotion before getting dressed.

Good luck with the knee ops.

Leucantha said...

Ohh both at the same time. Sounds like a fun weekend.

Bird said...

My husband totally did that once when he was tubing. I just look at the sun and get a burn.

I, too, was involved in some kid-free shenanigans this weekend.

Lizzie-Beth said...

I've found 'Noxema' soothing for sunburns.

I see your logic about getting both knees done at the same time.

Sidewalks said...

Hey there!

I've been away for a while and I'm just catching up here...

First off, good luck with the double knee surgery--it sounds graphic and awful but I hope it eases your pain (is this what I have to look forward to if I continue running on a regular basis?)

Secondly, you are assembling a PB&J correctly...Jim is totally wrong on this one. The question is: how do you eat it? Do you bite into it with the peanut butter on top or the jelly on top? I have to eat it with the PB on top, but my wife disagrees (she says I'm eating it "upside-down".)

Lastly...I want one of those pooping dog toys you daughter has! That was awesome! I've seen a cow that poops out brown jelly beans (root beer flavored) but I've never seen that dog before. I'll have to be on the lookout for that one.

Good luck with the surgery, Elizabeth! You'll be on the mend in no time!

LceeL said...

I hope those surgeries are going to be arthroscopic in nature. They are much easier to recover from. And as for the sunburn, Walgreen sells a couple of different aloe Vera based gels with Topical anesthetic to moisturize the burns and anesthetize, as well.

Anonymous said...

enjoy ur august

i hate august

i hate july too!

sorry but today I am of awful mood ( a little bit ..bit+ bit)!

ciao sara


Anonymous said...

sorry i have forget to give u my best wishes 4 the surgery to u!
a big hug!


itsjustmeagain said...

Lidocaine is this girl's best friend.

That... and Witch Hazel (sooo soothing) and Vitamin E...

And I got it good this weekend too. Painting the front porch and window frames. Yeah. I had to go out and get me some SPF 60.

And wishing you well with the probing thingy... stay positive and it will go well... I'll keep you in my thoughts.

((hugs)) .. gently cuz I know it hurts!!!


(side note... I got so crispy that in my dreams last night... I dreamt that my dad kept poking me because he couldn't believe how red I got and each time he touched me... it would leave this white spot... it was rather painful. Nice dad, eh??)

Catty Ax Lady said...

Well woman, you've got our numbers if you need anything during the recovery...anything at all. Here's to a speedy one!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Penn Station? Penn Station?!?!? He's done it, hasn't he? He's reached you too. You freaks and your Penn Station addictions...I just don't get it.

But yes, I go there enough for him, so if ya want some, gimme a call!

Zeynep Ankara said...

Good luck for the surgery Elizabeth. xx

itsjustmeagain said...

Make sure you have plenty of good books to read... good movies to watch... and fantastical drugs to ease the pain... until that is you are ready to get up and about...

We'll be here to encourage you on hon... and if there is anything else one can do to help out -- just holla girl!


Anonymous said...



i hope u enjoy the "lemon-sorbetto" :)