A day full of ups and downs

The day didn't start out promising.

| One of my incisions looks infected. (I'll spare you the picture)
Up | A quick call got me into the Dr.’s 3 days early.

Down | I had to drive all the way out to campus to pick up my books.
Up | Amazingly there wasn’t a line!

Down | I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and couldn’t go back to sleep.
Up | I used my time wisely and got a lot of housework done early--hobbling all the way.

Down | I forgot to eat breakfast.
Up | I was treated to an Indian lunch… and dessert at a cupcake bar! (The Twisted Red Velvet cupcake is to die for... and a must to split with a friend)

Down | I seriously need to clean out my car and vacuum between the cushions of my couch. Guess where all that peeling skin went? *Ewwww*
Up | I'm heading out tomorrow to buy this nifty thingamajig to ease my cleaning woes.

Down | I'm constantly getting my butt whooped playing Mario Kart Wii against my kids.
Up | I can send them to bed for beating me.

In the end, it's good to be the mom.


Bird said...

I loved Mario Kart back in the day. I'd love to see what it's like on the Wii.

LceeL said...

So what did the Doctor say?

t i m said...

I was having a pretty up day until I got on a 3hr packed train back home from London to Manchester & the guy next to me had clearly never of deodorant. Eurgh. Luckily he got off b4 my stop, phew!

So anywho about that cupcake you were going to share... :(

Anonymous said...

i want a cupcake !very funny!! i never see it beefore!
i think that it makes an happy day!


Anonymous said...

I want a buffet of Indian food with a cupcake bar!!!

Sounds devilishly good!!!

Hope the infection isn't serious??!


The Dissonance said...

The Twisted Red Velvet cupcake sounds decadent. Ummm... :o)

LceeL said...

'K. Today is Thursday. That was Tuesday.

What is going on? *shouts into the void* HELLO!!! *waves to get attention* HOW ARE YOU?

Anonymous said...

I have a car that needs major detailing... your new toy would do the trick... want me to drive it on down to you??

Hope today is a good day for you!


Zeynep Ankara said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I finished my latest post with this words today:

Life goes on with its ups and downs or ebbs and tides...

Glad you are okay. But the mom a little "veteran" nowadays, lol.

May you recover soon.

Love and hugs, Zeynep xx

White Hot Magik said...

Down: I am hungry now
Up: I have green chiles and you don't.

Okay that wasn't even nice, now I should offer to send you some. Damn I hate my smart mouth. : ) Love ya, hope that incision is better.

Mrs. F said...

Up: You're getting a cool vacuum.
Down: When did we get old enough for that kind of shit to be cool, or considered an 'up'???

[[[Surely you know that I am included in the dorkiness level, as I have blogged about my vacuum at least twice now]]]

Queenie said...

Could have sworn I'd left a comment here, did you eat it or stick it down the cushions????