A "non entry" doesn't deserve a title

Here I am trying to dig deep within my psyche, (a scary feat at any given point) so that I can work up a witty and captivating entry (snigger if you must) when I suddenly realize that I have Blogger's Block.

I could write about listening to my husband in the shower singing along in falsetto to Heart's Crazy On You but I'm just not feeling it. I'm not feeling it either when the song changes on the radio and he begins to sing along with the Bee Gees' More Than A Woman ("More than a woman to meeeeee!") but I do smile to myself.

I might ask if any of your kid's are walking around using the word "definitely" as much as Emily is these days. ("Did you have a great day at school, Emily?" "Definitely!" "Do you want another piece of pizza?" "Definitely!" "Emily, is 'definitely' the new popular word in school?" "Definitely!") That's a definite possibility.

Perhaps I should regale you with observations of my first days back in school? Do I start with feeling wholly inadequate while surrounded by a mass of young perfect bodies, ones that have yet to endure stretch marks from two pregnancies or see those first grey hairs that send your self image into a tailspin as you think My God, I'm five years away from forty. It might take weeks to return my self esteem to normal (ok, days--I'm not that depressed about it). My classes this (final!) semester are child psychology, ethics, and political science with an online marketing class thrown in to make it interesting.

Recapping Abigail's recent temper tantrum would surely entertain but I think she might disagree. I am learning (somewhat slowly, I admit) that trying to rationalize with a pissed off six and a half year old is pretty pointless. I'm pretty impressed with myself though because my patience is not wearing thin any sooner (that year on Lexapro is really paying off). Abigail will look back on that and surely appreciate it.

If I wrote that I was worried that every little twinge or "dullness" in my knees was a precursor to completly wasting the surgery I had I might sound whiney so I'll leave that alone. I'm forever reminding myself that I'm still healing and to not overdo it. Paitience, Iago. Patience.

I should tell you that my little detective managed to solve The Case of the Missing Tweezers. Emily's fee for cracking the case? One dollar. The guilty party? I've been advised by someone's lawyer not to reveal that information but I can say that it was in a certain someone's medicine cabinet. Next to his cologne.

Well, I've tried everything I can think of but I just can't seem to get past this Blogger's Block. I guess I'll get back to you when I definitely have something to talk about.


White Hot Magik said...

I am feeling a general malaise right now. Perhaps I am sending you some of it my gemini twin friend. Oddly enough I like it when you have nothing to talk about, you OLD GEEZER. Sheesh we are only thirty five for Pete sake. Do we really want to back to 20? Really? Okay I admit I do want her body with my mind now.

At least the tweezer stealer makes great pizza. Right?

Mrs. F said...

He wasn't plucking. He was manscaping.


I feel ya! I just started back to school, and damn---when did I get so old??

Queenie said...

Nothing to talk about????? I was enthralled from beginning to end (and its not cos I'm bored). 35! jeebus your a spring chicken, its all in your mind anyway, I still feel 16 (in my head), the body is another story. I would love to hear your other half singing in the shower, 'You Tube' will except most things....
I sort of guessed thats where the tweezers would be (thats why I hide mine)... BTW, this was a great post, it brought a smile to my face....

LceeL said...

Dear Elizabeth, First of all, don't believe Mrs. F, because no man (and I mean NO MAN) has the expertise or the patience to manscape with a pair of tweezers. It takes WAY too long and the potential to do excruciating things like grab more than one hair at a time just makes it something a man will never, EVER do more than once.

Second of all, Zach said, "Cool."

Am I gonna hafta chaperone you two?

Shoozles said...

blogger block I don't think so! Hey and wisdom before beauty I say ladies!

I try to remember what I was doing when I was 35?? hummm My boys were 6 1/2 having a triple trouble tantrums LOL. I think I needed a Lexapro IV LOL

Great post E

Anonymous said...

i'm glad for the re-founded tweezers!sure that ur child is much more than glad!!kids are so gelous of them "things"(sorry to all the kids if i called "things" i must write "SPECIAL things")

well dear..i have nothing more to write..only that i'll be 33yearsOLD next month..i never look to the 40years,so don't do it too..we are young..inside!cheers!


Catty Ax Lady said...

Shoozles has an excellent idea - a lexapro IV...brilliant!

Did you change the layout, or are my eyes and memory deceiving me???

And now I have issues...picturing Jim in my head singing in the shower.

Sidewalks said...

You have Blogger's Block too? It must be going around. I feel like my life has become incredibly boring because I can't think of anything that's going on that anyone would be remotely interested in.

Here's an idea...instead of blogging about your husband singing in the shower, how about getting his performance on tape then posting it here so we all could enjoy it? I'm sure he wouldn't mind. ;)

Hope your knees are healing well! Good luck with school!

Connie said...

Singing in the shower, I used to do that. I had a radio in there. I don't do it anymore.

Mrs. F said...

I do not have any idea how you did it, but I like it. It looks nice and balanced.

I will update soon. I have just been so busy reading a new series of books, so, you know, I spend less time on the computer when i am reading...

t i m said...

40 huh?
That's like really, really old. Definitely. :)

PS: 'Everything is blogworthy', a fellow blogger once told me.

The Dissonance said...

Ah yes, a fitting end to the great tweezer caper. Can I assume there will be an allowance for time already served? ;o)

Lizzie-Beth said...

Abigail and Emily are beyond cute and I so enjoyed their first day pictures! How do they like their new teachers?

I wish my "nothing to talk about" was as interesting as yours...lol.

If you were my neighbors I would ask to hire Emily to find missing objects at our house. She would have a steady account going.

Have a good rest of your Labor Day Weekend!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh and let me tell you something...Mike Rowe? Yeah baby. I don't care how many pig pens or sewers that man has crawled around in, I'd still like to, uhm, have dinner with him.

Zeynep Ankara said...

I loved the title... So artistic. And I like your writing style.

Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. Your comments are always welcome to me.

Hope I can post this comment.

Hugs, Zeynep xx

LceeL said...

Are you okay?? Everything all right?

Anonymous said...



Zeynep Ankara said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I found this as a comment:

*17 most important things to remember in life*

1. Never give up on anybody;miracles happen everyday.

2.Be brave even if your not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference.

3. Think big thoughts, relish small pleasures.

4. Learn to listen. Oppurtunity sometimes knocks very softly.

5. Never deprive someone of hope, it might be all they have.

6. Strive for excellence, not perfection.

7. Don't waste time greiving over past mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

8. When someone hugs you let them be the first to let go.

9. Never cut what can be untied.

10. Don't expect life to be fair.

11. Remember:Success comes to the one that acts first.

12. Never waste an oppurtunity to tell someone you love them.

13. Remember that nobody makes it alone,

Have a greatful heart and be quick to acknowledge those who help you.

14. Never underestimate the power of a kind word or deed.

15. Laugh alot.A good sense of humor cures almost all of life's ills.

16. Don't miss the magic of the moment by focusing on whats to come.

17. Watch for big problems. They disguise big oppurtunities.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Love and hugs, Zeynep xx

Diesel said...

Hmmm, I'll be on the look out for "definitely." For sure.

Anonymous said...

he's funny this mike rowe!
bye liz,have agood sunday..i hope u come back soon!bye


Mocha said...

That was a lot to say for nothing to talk about and DAMN YOU for putting that Bee Gees song in my head.

I could smack you for that one. ;-)