Would you believe that they make you take off every article of clothing prior to any surgery? Good thing I was freshly shaved (My legs, people! My legs!). I'm slightly bummed that I couldn't wear any makeup though (just a little eyeliner and mascara would have been fine!) because I look ghastly!

My knee surgery went swimmingly. I had a great nursing and surgical staff, and as soon as I emerged from a blissful, drug-induced cat nap ("You're going to start feeling drowsy now." "Oh, ok...mmm hm--") I found that I had two rather large marshmallow-like things surrounding either knee, each filled with cold gel packs. Sexy, eh?

Thanks to Darvocet, I'm not in any pain--for the moment. I'm able to walk (to be honest it looks more like wobbling) but I'm not willing to try traipsing up or down stairs yet. I'll have to wear my coldpacks for five days--nice. I'm supposed to sleep with them on, too. That will be interesting!

If you're curious as to why I had knee surgery (beyond any explanation that I've given previously) then this video is for you. If you get the heebie jeebies easily then... maybe not so much.

My thanks for all the well wishes I've received! You are all the Bee's Knees. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) *Hugs*


Catty Ax Lady said...

"You are all the Bee's Knees".

I think I may have to hurt you...although you've got drugs, so not until those are gone.

Glad to hear things went well...been thinking of ya all day long, waiting for an update.

Cold packs are the new sexy...you didn't hear?!?!

Elizabeth said...

Didn't you get the memo? I've been given immunity on cheesey phrases until I'm off narcotics. ;)

The Dissonance said...

Talking knees; I just thought that was normal.

Mrs. F said...

Soo happy you are doing well. I'm sorry, but I could not watch that whole video, but thanks for posting it anyway!

Speedy recovery. Hey that reminds me of Speedy Delivery, which reminds me of Mr. Rogers, which reminds me of...ok. I'm a dork. I'll stop.

White Hot Magik said...

I guess you needed surgery or some cheese to go with those crackers. Dang girl. Bee's knees...

Bird said...

Kay, skipping the video because I never know what's going to freak me out.

Lord, woman, when my Hub had arthroscopic he was horizontal for twenty-four straight hours.

Diesel said...

Look, are you bionic now or not?

Lizzie-Beth said...


Drugs are wonderful, aren't they?

Glad your surgery went well and I am praying you recover especially quickly and nicely.

Please be wise and don't over-do until you are supposed to...OK?

I want to thank you Elizabeth, for your friendship. There are many things I appreciate about you:

Your wit, your love for your girls and family (and like yourself I am a fierce advocate for children and may write about than sometime), your perfectionism and desire to excel (I can relate), and your love of chocolate, and kitties too...are just a few.

CassieHumble said...

OK, not sure about watching the video. Not feeling brave enough. lol But sounds like you are doing well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

To answer your question, it really just depends on the person.. OK, I know you know that much. lol The lady I just started with has never done any kind of weight training and had a very difficult time so I have to take it easy with her. We did a lot of different leg/butt/abs exercises yesterday and I'm going to show her some upper body stuff tomorrow. She wants me to show her how all the cardio machines work so we will probably do some of that on our third session. The two girls that signed up today are in much better shape and they mostly just want to learn some weight training exercises because they just know a few.. so that should be fun! I am going to love this, I think. :)

Take care of those knees. No squats! lol

Sidewalks said...

Holy F#ck! It really wasn't necessary to demonstrate your "crunchiness" over and over again...I think you would have gotten your point across with just one crunch. ;) I was squirming in my chair the entire time I was watching that, and yet I couldn't look away. (And I'll probably watch it again, too.) Hope those sexy kneepads help with a speedy recovery.

And as for the pooping dog: after I saw your footage of Emily I did a google search on "pooping dog toy" and found a bunch of footage on Youtube, including the commercial. I have to admit I was a little bummed when I found out it was a Barbie toy, but I have a niece that's about Emily's age, so maybe I can buy it for her just so I can check it out.

Thanks for sharing your one page story, it was really cute. I'd return the favor and share one of mine, but I've never been able to meet the "one page" challenge...my stories were always between 8 and 20 pages long and they're almost always depressing.

Glad to hear the surgery was a success. Now sit back and get some R & R!

LceeL said...

Yup. Been ther. Done that. You'll be fine. Just be careful with those meds. Addicting. And they can make you constipated. I'm just sayin'.

Oh, and BTW, you are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Man... I wish I looked as good as you after surgery... !! I'm glad that it went well!!!

I can't watch your video. 1) Work blocks all Youtube 2) because the crunchiness will definately gross me out!!

I'm super happy you are up and about! How far they've come with surgeries nowadays... when one would be out for weeks on end after a surgery like yours! You totally kick butt! Oh and it definately helps having REALLY good drugs!!

Sexy knee pads-thingies... !

Here's to a quick and painless recovery!!!


t i m said...

The last time I had a tooth taken out I also had to take all my clothes off, apparently its just standard procedure.

B4 the op people must've heard your crunchy knees first b4 you walked in a room. :)

Here's to a speedy recovery, *raises glass of wine*

Lizzie-Beth said...

*Smiling Back at you* but pouting a bit because you forgot to wish me well for receiving an award. I will get over it though...chocolate will help...an it is as good an excuse as any...lol.

I did watch the video, btw, and can appreciate why you had them both done at the same time. With your youth and energy I think you will recover with colors flying!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie. Hope you're feelin' better soon and for right now I at least hope you're drugged enought to be high as a freakin' kite! Wish you were here. I miss you tons! Give the baby's hugs from Auntie Jen.


PS I'll be thinking of you everytime I'm eating Murillo's! Ha-Ha!

Anonymous said...

heey!your surgery was very speedy!!that's so good!!and i'm surprise that u stand up just now!!!i'm very happy 4 u!

i don't like your new cd "scratching knees"!!!it sounds too much noise!!!

and like evry people that do a surgery u need a sweet prize "a neopolitan ice cream"!!!!you're so nice!! ;)))

take care,hugs.sara :D


Anonymous said...

and i like yours kitchen's tile!very fashion!


Anonymous said...

You don't like Paris Hilton???

That's soooo NOT HAWT!!

LOL... I know eh?
But you have to admit... it was a funny video?!


Malathionman said...

TMI would be, "My husband doesn't like the way the cold packs feel around his waist."

I liked the video! My ankles do the same thing. I'll be playing tennis and just fall flat on my face. It looks like I tripped over the baseline.

Queenie said...

Saw you over at Marmies and with me about to under go the knife, thought arr! I'll pay her a visit. So pleased I did, great blog you have here even the cracking video. Now heres what I need to know, how do I shave my legs whilst in hospital (they grow back so quick), one needs to look ones best don't you think????

CassieHumble said...

About your comment.. If it makes you feel any better, I have stretch marks. LOL Just can't see them in the picture. I got them bad with my first pregnancy.. I was little up until like the 8th month then grew real fast. Can't afford laser treatment so I guess I'm stuck with them. So do I still suck? ROFL

SAAM said...

Believe me, I've seen lots of people after surgery and you look GOOD!!!
The video was cool!
Thanks for the comment!!!

Zeynep Ankara said...

Glad you are okay Elizabeth. Glad you have not so much pain. And thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Zeynep xx