Give it away, give it away, give it away now

I have spent the last two days cleaning my house. Thoroughly.

Think of it as spring cleaning but not.

The upper half of our house is so clean it looks surprised. We've collected bags upon bags of toys that the girls no longer play with and I'm planning on donating those, along with baby and maternity clothes, to a local charity (I'm hoping a local women's shelter will get back to me about accepting donations). I don't want to give it to Goodwill because they will turn it around and sell it. I want to give it away, meaning free of cost, to someone who could get use out of these items. It's altruism at it's extreme. Booyah!

I've also laid down a new law for my girls: The next time they want to buy something new for themselves they must pick out a toy of theirs to donate to either a church or charity. My benefit here is twofold: they learn about helping others and I keep the toy volume down in my house. It's a win-win situation.


Anonymous said...

Most women's shelters will accept clothing - it is a little more precarious wrt to toys... because of germs. I know here in Canada it is because I collect stuff from friends and coworkers all the time to donate. I hope they get back to you as well... and if they have a storage facility - they will usually take the clothes, at a min.

But I love that deal you made with the girls! What an excellent example you are setting for them!

And how freeing is it to ride ourselves of all this unnecessary 'stuff'??? I love that feeling!

Ciao bella,

LceeL said...

Nice, nice idea. I'm willing to bet it slows down toy purchases, as well.

Mrs. F said...

Brilliant idea. I think I am going to go upstairs now and clean out Marissa's toy box. I want my upstairs to look surprised, too!

Bird said...

Man, I've got TONS of stuff. Lately, I've been giving it to a friend of mine who dropped a couple of dress sizes during her divorce.

Zeynep Ankara said...

Your children are very lucky to have you... xx

Anonymous said...

u've got a good idea..like always!

but do u will give the "dog who do the p***" too?!...


Anonymous said...

now i am laughing: i see the "title" of this post "give it away,give it away, give it way now"...ah aha ha ..i'm singing the song in my mind!

you're a very California's girl: R.H.C.P.!!!! Cool!!! ;D


White Hot Magik said...

I started singing in my head too. Good policy we have started something similar and need to stick to it. Just throwing out suggestions. Freecycle them, a church, homeless shelter.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I have a lot to catch up on. The dog has taken away my blog reading time.

You are such an amazing woman with great and devious ideas. I think it's an amazing idea.

Anonymous said...

P.S. LUV where you said:

"The upper half of our house is so clean it looks surprised."

You kill me.