A look at my other life

This is me. Please ignore the shiny forehead.

This is where I work. I have no say in the decor.

These are my airplanes in the sky. Notice that scary yellow looking stuff? Thunderstorms. That pretty looking blue stuff? Snow. If you can catch that wee bit of pink embedded in there that's freezing rain.

These were all the airplanes in the sky when this shot was taken. If memory serves, there were well over two thousand airplanes in the air at that time. It was pretty late at night so that would account for why there were so few. Notice how everyone seems to be avoiding the scary yellow stuff.

When all is quiet at my job I try to study for upcoming tests and quizzes. Don't tell anyone.

Good Lord I look tired. I can't imagine why...

So how do you spend your work day?


Leucantha` said...

I hate spam. That is what dad used to make if mom was gone. Yucky stuff. ; )

As long as the pilots aren't reading when their job is slow....

Wow that is a lot of planes girl. I am tired after looking at the screen too. Could be the mojito kicking in though.

LceeL said...

First - you're cute. Second - It's a good thing that ALL of those planes aren't 'yours'. Man, that's a lot of traffic. What is the general locality of those storms?

Nooner said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I know you are pursuing studies for a different career, but I have always found your present job fascinating. Not that I know what you don't specifically, but the broad field seems very interesting to me. Great series of pics... so glad you shared them!


Anonymous said...

are you become thin you six? you are very slim!how many kg. you have lost?
many compliments!!

hey you are very seems to your little girls! you (1+1+1) are very pretty!

like always i say to you: sorry for my bad bad bad english language!

hugs Sara.


Anonymous said...

i forget to say that your job it's very interesting!

when i got some free moments i stay on the net or i eat ...much eat!stupid things (chocolate , chips, oh oh!)that hug me in a sweet hug!we say that when we eat sweet things we need more affect..it's true: i want spen dmuch time with my love but it's not possible..we work all day! umph! so now i think that this evening i'll go to the BINGO for win many many money..(it's a dream i know, but i do also this at work!!) byeeeee


Kathryn Magendie said...

O'tay, here I am over from Gandalfe's then your msn blog from my msn blog, which will now change to the yog blogspot blog..., then here...wheee - all this instead of working on the novel haw haw -

yes, that's what I do all day lately, avoid the novel...avoid querying for agents for the first novel, and the second, and avoid finish writing the third and fourth...

then I edit some, and then I practice rehearsals for the play....

then I watch Golden Girls reruns...

and sometimes Frazier

and I look at some of my short stories and think they suck, then close the word doc and sigh woe-fully

All those planes, I hate flying and I'm dreading my flight to Oregon later in the summer...erk.

Gandalfe said...

Kathryn, the two and half men reruns are funnier. ;o)

Elizabeth, I'd recognize those eyes anywhere. ;o)

Actually, I know you in real life! JK.

Being tired means you are probably never bored? That's my theory anyway. And Iceel right; you're a cuteee. You remind me of one of my daughters. They work hard too. It must be a young person's game.

Kathryn, get back to your novel!

Anonymous said...

That was cute.

Hope you are well.

Happy studying.

Take Care!

Sidewalks said...

Yeah, I'd be tired too if I had to stare at that screen all day (and night). In the first part of April I'm going to be on one of those little blue planes on your screen, so during that time please make a point to look up from the textbooks every now and then to make sure all the planes are where they should be. Love the workspace, by the way...very "shabby chic". :)

Jungle Mama said...

I love this little glimpse into your life! I saw that nasty storm going on over there. Only BBC was more intersted in what was happening in Brazil than the states. Can't remember what it was, but certainly nothing worth recalling.

SAAM said...

That is a lot of planes!!!

Happy studying!!

Zeynep Ankara said...

I like to look at your other life. Busy desk, busy Elizabeth, shhhhh!!!