Perserverance in action

There is a small metal awning that sits above the door to my enclosed front porch. Two small sparrows have taken up residence there, nestling themselves into a corner where they, at least for the last few years so far as I can remember, have raised baby birds. It's such a treat for me to stand inside the porch and hear the baby birds chirping to mom and dad, calling out "Feed me!" Nature up close and personal.

Well, my husband has a problem with these birds. Specifically, with the bird poop that litters the porch steps. He is fed up and has taken down the nest this year to drive the birds--and their poop--away from our front porch. While I'm less than pleased with this, I understand his reasoning.

Only now a battle of wills has begun. These little industrious birds seem hell bent on living underneath this awning. In less than 24 hours after my husband removes the nesting material the birds have recreated the nest in full force. Better, stronger, faster. They feel quite adamantly that the awning is their piece of real estate.

Who am I to argue with Nature?


Anonymous said...

We had somewhat the same thing happen at our old home only it was above the driveway where they did their poop on my husbands car. I wouldn't let my husband remove the nest until the Chic's had grown enough to leave the nest but he became upset when they came back the next year along with what our Pest Control guy told us was termites, he then added it could have been worse it could have invited rodents this of course canceled out any heart melting feelings I may of had for the Nester's.
We did however put up some bird houses towards the back end of the back yard where they did get occupied. Enjoyed your post. -JD

Leucantha` said...

Obviously you weren't pleased at all. LOL. Go Birds!

Sidewalks said...

I've had this problem in the past too...the birds always win!

I'll be traveling aroung the country in the next two weeks, so keep the skies safe for me. See you when I get back!

Zeynep Ankara said...

I like sparrows. There was so many sparrows in Ankara, besides, they used to come in while my study my lessons, lol, funny... Now there are so many crows in Istanbul. And I don't like their noisy sometimes. I have a seagulls entry, maybe you would like to see it. Happy Fools Day Elizabeth. Hugs, Zeynep xx

LceeL said...

In the face of such perseverance, one must bow to the nature of things and share the space we claim with God's other creatures. Either that, or blow a hole through the awning with a shotgun.

Mrs. F said...

OMG, I love the video you linked to. Hilarious to me that those two things even got grouped together. You know, the birds and the man. So funny.

Cindy Swanson said...

Really enjoyed visiting your blog--I clicked on your link while reading the comments on "A Brit Different." You MUST read my post today--it has a link specifically for people with your name (which happens to be my daughter's name too.)

Also, if you scroll down and happen to read about my exercise-pain woes, you might have some advice for me! :)

Bird said...

I agree--I lived with bird poop on my car for two years because I couldn't bear to take down a nest. I like that idea about birdhouses, though.

That library thing is FUN!

LceeL said...

I am feeling better - a little. I just put up my first set of pictures with accompanying story. I am going to go to bed now. Night.

Anonymous said...

i don't like birds so much and i don't eat chiken and similar (i prefer eat bunny ..eheeh sorry! i can image your face now!!ops!)..but i like swallows and sparrows. they are so cute and intelligence;
the nature does its course and "she" (yes i think and it is right so!, that Nature , ehm ehm MOTHER NATURE is a woman!) is more strong for luck

i am a support of the nature!
sorry Elizabeth (...and sorry bunny..!)

Hugs,CIAO Saara


Beth said...

Is it located in a place where you could just hose down the area undeneath till nesting season is over? You can see who I am rooting for.

Nooner said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm back again! But this time on the prior blog to your latest.
First, I appreciate your comments you leave. I'm touched at the caring nature by some friends .. like the one you left today. When I created my space and began "the Nooner persona" as a relaxing form of writing for myself, I never expected to feel real distant friendships.
Second, as to your annual visitors and the slight difference of opinion with Hub: I hope your wishes prevail on this one!!


Anonymous said...

We always have birds in our backyard. They keep my dog company. LOL!! Enjoy your weekend.