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(That title sounds a lot more lyrical than "The career I have now while I go to school to get into a new career because this one no longer does it for me.")

It's been a while since I've written anything remotely relating to my job. If you are the least bit curious about what it is that I do for 40+ hours a week (*snicker*), well...

I am one of a handful of people (aka managers on duty) who are handed the day to day tasking of Keeping An Airline On Time. This means that I have to manage crew delays, air traffic control delays, departure weather delays, en route weather delays, arrival weather delays, aircraft maintenance delays, aircraft availability, and any other Irregular Operation (hurricanes come to mind) that crop up to lessen the impact that they have on You, the Traveling Public. And yes, I cancel flights. (It's nothing personal, trust me.)

There are other happenings in my department, such as releasing flight dispatches that tell the crews where they are flying, how they are going to get there, how much fuel they'll need, how many people they can take, etc., but this is far less interesting than having the amazing power to Cancel A Flight! BWAHAHAHA!

I'm kidding.

So Here's Your Chance: Have a question about the industry? Airline travel in general? I'll be happy to answer what I can. Can I get you free airline tickets? No. So don't ask.

*This entry first appeared November 29, 2006 in my Spaces blog. Yes, I'm stealing from myself.


Anonymous said...

hi Liz, i have a question about airfly:
why when i fly with low-cost airlines for 2 or 3 hours, i got ALWAYS headteach for 3 days?!!
is in this one airplane a not good airpressure?..so that's why are low cost?!! ciao


Anonymous said...

sorry in my back message i want to say "badly of head"..i hope u understand my english..like always!


Catty Ax Lady said...

Hhmmm, can I have a free airline ticket?

Wait a minute...

Well anyway, you've been tagged over at my blog.

And Pat got a new grill a few days ago...we're going to have to initiate it sometime in the near future.

NickBlogger said...

Tough job.