The Two Click Rule

I'm busy. You're busy. We both have plenty of things that we should be doing rather than farting around on the internet. Our time is precious.
So forgive me, dear, if I sometimes delete you. In the interest of friendship and honesty I must come clean.
If you email me something that begins with "Fw:Fw:Fw:Re:I better get this back!" I will delete you.
If you forward me a picture of a redneck mansion (worth a chuckle, no doubt) but fail to check first it's veracity then I will delete you.
I don't have eons to dig through a mountain of forwarded emails to find a picture of a cute baby duck telling me that we're friends forever (I already know that but I still love you anyway).
We need to get on with our lives. Ergo, the Two Click Rule.
I will click your forwarded message two times. If I don't see the intended message in two clicks I'll volunteer a third click: the big X.
Ohmigosh did that just totally sound bitchy?


Zeynep Ankara said...

Yes, sometimes some rules make us easy, lol. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. Hope you have a good weekend ahead. Zeynep xx

Zeynep Ankara said...

I left an other comment to your before entry. Can you see them on your home page?..

LceeL said...

Have a nice weekend. And the eyeliner looks nice.

Anonymous said...

that's good! i understand u! we are (and i am) full of stupid and trash email..i got no time to spend for see all of this! good elizabeth, you are so brave to tell this to everyone that u have push me to do it too! indeed, i tell it to ALL MY CONTACT O' MY PERSONAL E-MAIL! ..I WILL LEAVE MANY E-MAIL ABOUT THIS THING TO ALL MY CONTACT!!AND IT WILL BE THE FIRST INTELLIGENCE E-MAIL!don't u think?!

have a good week dear! kissssss


Leucantha` said...

No wonder I like you so.. I do the same much to the chagrin of certain family members. If I get over a hundred unread forwards I delete them regardless of the contents.

But then again maybe I am just bitchy too. ; )

Leucantha` said...

oh and by the way, i have been meaning to thank you for the obsession with outlander. I had to quit over the holidays I was getting nothing done.

Malathionman said...

Does that mean you didn't get those "special pictures" that I sent you?

Malathionman said...

I think Nora is just bitchy. :)

Bird said...

The worst two forwarders I know are my two in-laws. My mom doesn't even check her e-mail. Funny thing is, the two in-laws aren't married to each other. I guess there's a reason why they were married at some point.

Patty O said...

I think I hate most the part where it tells you to forward the message to this amount of people or something bad will happen. When I see that, I think 'kiss my ass' and click on the 'delete' button.

Dre the Texican said...

You are very generous. Two clicks? I pretty much just delete anything from my soon to be stepmom or any of her children--they are mega spammers! Bless their hearts.

SAAM said...

I agree with you
Marissa feels better. Thanks!!
The tooth pictures are very cute!!!

Mrs. F said...

Oh how funny. I swear I did not read this post before I wrote mine. Sheer coincidence that I titled my fake email the same as yours. I SWEAR!!! Girl Scouts honor:)

Great post, BTW. You obviously know by now that I completely agree with you.