A bit of shameless self promotion never killed anyone.

I need a new entry but I'm sure that you don't want to hear about the intensive house cleaning that I've done in the last two days. Instead I'll tell you about my dinner last night. Go here to read about it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious! Isn't it funny how our food is always more tempting to our DHs, regardless of what it is?

LceeL said...

That sounds sooooo good. I'm going to have to try that myself.

Anonymous said...

hey,but don't you invite me at your dinner?!!!

ciao bella!!


Domino said...

Mmmmmm. Saved to the recipe book in the event that we ever get warmer weather. Can you believe, it snowed today!? What happened to spring?? But it's to damn cold to break out the grill that's for sure. :(