The Little Drummer Girl

It seems those lessons are starting to pay off!

(Yes, Abby is actually reading music during this lesson!)


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! she's so..so..so.. i got no words!!!
very good!very cute! many compliments!!!

p.s. the teacher teach very good..maybe if i would to learn to play drums with him it's easy.. i understand very well when he is use the kid's language!
now i can try something about the lesson with the dish of my mamam!!!eheheh

ciao baci baci


Zeynep Ankara said...

Awww, Abby's rhythm feeling is great! Hope you all having a good Sunday. Hugs, Zeynep xx

Leucantha` said...

Wow she is coordinated. I have tried playing before and we all had a good laugh. I did make it through a whole song once, but I think Abigail is better. So will you play the egg in backup for her tour?

t i m said...

The next Meg White? :)

The Dissonance said...

Naw, I see her giving Gene Krupa a run for his money. :o)

When Abby plays the bass drum she almost comes out of her seat. Reminds me of beginners playing Rock Band on Xbox; you see the same thing. It's funny until you tell them and then they work to stop doing that.

I now am inspired to take pictures of my grandson and me doing bass clarinet lessons! ;o)

PS: The anti-spam switch you used doesn't appear to like the Windows Spaces URLs. :o(

Mrs. F said...

The girl has got talent. Keep it up!!

LceeL said...

So, can I be her groupie?

Anonymous said...

Damn... I can't see this at work! Will have to check it out later! I think where possible putting kids in a music program does amazing things for improving their grades, analytical skills and usually keeps them out of trouble - I said usually!!!

I'm glad you liked the cat video... I just HAD to put it up... too freakin funny!!!

ciao bella,

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Sidewalks said...

That was so cool! I wish my parents had let me take lessons at her age. How long has she been playing? I took drum lessons when I was about 15 and it took me about a month or so before I could hold a beat like that. It's only a matter of time before you form your own family band!