What I did yesterday

Each year the Federal Aviation Administration mandates that I must Go Out Flying. I have to spend time in the cockpit of the airplanes that I dispatch. I dread doing this every year because it's a huge pain in the butt, I have to fly for hours to get my required amount of time in, and the jumpseat (which I have to ride in) is fairly uncomfortable. But in the interest of keeping my blog um... interesting, I captured our departure out of Washington-Dulles on video so you could see my perspective on takeoff. See what I go through for you??

Here are some other pictures from my flight.


LceeL said...

Can I pretend to be you?

Nooner said...

OMG! That was The Best! Thanks for taking that video for me and us, Elizabeth! The pic of you in the cockpit with sunglasses is a definite keeper. I'll bet your buggettes will love it if you frame it and keep it out somewhere. Well, the seat may have been uncomfortable but at least you picked a clear day for your requirement.


Anonymous said...

UAO!it's like to fly for real!!!! i love when the plane start to fly .
fantastic visual!and..why i can't see the men in uniform?..i like men in uniform!!!;))))

ahahah! kissss


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!!
How cool!
That's WAY better than the 3.5 carpetted gray cubicle walls I deal with each day!
Very very cool... and THANKS for sharing that!

Ciao bella,

LceeL said...

Sorry about that last post - wasn't as funny as I had hoped it would be. I've corrected it (a little).

Gandalfe said...

Wow, you're drop dead gorgeous and I think I know you. IN REAL LIFE YOU'RE Laura Kroft of Tomb Raider fame!

That squeaky noise in the video is not my favorite. But to get the hours in, maybe you can fly to the Caribbean every year? ;o)

Mrs. F said...

Your job rocks! Lucky!

Beth said...

So good to get caught up with you, Elizabeth!

Enjoyed the flying video. It actually made me miss good old Virginia. Have taken many flights out of Dulles and seeing all the greenery and landscape made me homesick. The cockpit view was cool...even though I am sorry for your discomfort.

Your "Drummer Girl" has such a great sense of rhythm and patience with the tediousness of repetition. I was really impressed with how well she did and don't think I could have done it with such ease...if at all.

Looking forward to finding out how you did on your exams.

NickBlogger said...

Cool stuff/video.

Leucantha` said...

I am jealous, except a long flight in a jump seat doesn't sound wonderful.The squeaky noise would also get annoying. Love the pic, and yes we need to get a drink, would your required flight plan be able to drop you off in Roswell for a few hours?

Patty O said...

Haha, nice!

Sidewalks said...

I think it might be fun to do that once, but I think that would be enough. Do they tell you why you have to do this every year? Do they at least throw in a few bags of peanuts?

Trinity said...

Wow, you are cool!!

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