Certification | Day 2

More sitting. More slides. A little bit of stretching. More note taking.
My hand hurts.
I learn by repetition when I can't grasp a concept immediately. Needless to say, I find writing and rewriting and rewriting yet again a useful way of learning (especially when a lot of information is thrown at me). During the whole process something clicks and I finally get it. This writing and rewriting thing is exactly what I'll be doing tonight after I'm finished goofing off with this update. My official certification test is tomorrow (Sunday).
So, among other things, I'll be writing and rewriting what muscles flex and horizontally abduct the shoulder (that would be the anterior deltoid and the medial and posterior deltoids, respectively... I double checked!) and shooting for a bedtime prior to midnight for a decent night's rest.
Thanks for your continued good wishes! I'll be by Sunday evening to visit and catch up.
In the meantime...drop and give me 20!


Mrs. F said...

Ma'am, yes ma'am.

OH, and good luck tomorrow.

Bird said...

Ok. I'm sure tests on Sundays are against the law. Good luck anyway!!! I'll send you some happy blog vibes, but from the sounds of it, you'll do fine.

Zeynep Ankara said...

I am glad you like the video. Hope your girls love it too. You know, I watched it again and again, lol. Don't tire yourself so much, take care... and hugs. Zeynep xx

Anonymous said...

it ìs a good expedient that of to write and rewrite. when I make it ,it works! specially at work! buona fortuna = good luck !

see u soon!


LceeL said...

Yes, mistress. I hear and obey, mistress. Please don't hurt me, mistress.