10 things I've learned from my vacation

1. The speed limit outside Phoenix (75) makes for a rockin' start if you can't get a seat on an airplane and decide to drive the 768 miles to Sacramento.

2. Coming "home" feels great. Going back home after 8 days feels better.

3. Murillo's tacos are really as good as I remember them.

4. Bees and wasps are not welcome guests while camping, and having them present (and ultimately stinging Abby) makes it incredibly difficult to enjoy the experience.

5. Peacocks, while beautiful creatures, have the most annoying call on the planet.

6. Holding a newborn baby ("Awwww!") did not make me want to have another ("Whew!").

7. Watching a crying boy (my nephew) run full speed into a screen door and then be launched airborne off of it will make me forget my knee problems for a while.

8. Having a kick ass digital camera is a must for documenting every step of your vacation. But don't accidentally delete essential photos because you won't get them back (!!).

9. It's always a good thing to be very nice to your gate agents at the airport, for you never know when they may decide on their own to bump you up to First Class.

10. Sleeping in your own bed, even if it's the same bed you've been complaining about for years, feels better than anything in the world after an 8 day vacation.

If you would like to see some of our photos from our trip check us out on Flickr. I'll be busy catching up with what everyone's been doing for all this time.... I've missed you all!


Mrs. F said...

You drove from Phoenix to Sacramento? CRAZY!!!

Hope you had fun!

And yes, Taco's in Cali are better than almost anywhere else in the world. I prefer to get mine from Adalberto's or Carolina's.

White Hot Magik said...

I bet those were good tacos, I will show you some good ones if you ever come down this way. I might even let you eat them. :)

Glad you had fun. Oh and yes peacocks are annoying, funny how beautiful things usually are.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time... despite that insane drive!!! But heck... its all part of the adventure right? Welcome back girl... you were missed!

The pics were great btw... and I agree - Peacocks are beautiful but freaken annoying when they decide to start talking to one another VERY early in the morn!

Ciao bella,

t i m said...

My next door neighbour's adolescent shrieks like a peacock.

Coincidentally she also has a multicoloured Mohawk. Now its all beginning to make sense.

Welcome back.

LceeL said...

The pictures are GREAT! Looks like a good time was had by all. Welcome home.

Ellie said...

There is no place like home, right?

Sidewalks said...

Hope you had a great vacation, Elizabeth! You deserved it.

Sorry to hear about Abby's bee sting, though...that's never fun! And I know all about the sounds of peacocks. We get a lot of them out here and it's really hard to take in the early morning.

Have a great 4th Of July! I'm off to Lake Arrowhead for the weekend but I'm not looking forward to it...there's going to be about a total of 22 people with us on the 4th--and that's all in one house! (I may be coming home early if chaos insues.)

Mitchell said...

Why would anyone want to leave Phoenix? Now, I have eaten tacos around the world. There is a place called Guedo's on the corner of Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard. According to Sunset mag, they are some of the best in the world. I would second that.