These shorts do nothing for my butt

I've had an intense, crazy week and it's not over yet. Until such time as I can sit down and give The Insanity the justice it's due I'm going to share with you a video my husband showed me that made me giggle.

And then I'm going to go shopping for some new shorts.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, the sad thing is, I recognised all of the parodies. Maybe it's not that sad after all, it wasa great laugh.

Anonymous said...

the image are very fun!..about the song..they sing too much fast for me so i can't understand ;P
but i'm sure that this song is fun too!

have a good weekend ciao!


t i m said...

peanut butter, jelly
peanut butter, jelly
its peanut butter, jelly
peanut butter, jelly

Sidewalks said...

It's been a while since I checked out YouTube...I didn't recognize some of these people.

Thanks for playing along with "The American Graffiti Challenge". You got four out of seven right, which is enough to claim a spot in the "Sidewalk-Of-Fame" (I know!Exciting, isn't it?) Thanks for being a good sport and playing along. I know you posted your answers a while ago...I would have responded sooner but it's been a little busy here and I haven't been using the computer very much. Hope you liked the movie...and I hope you finished with the semester before you wasted time watching it!

Have fun on your trip to Cali. Hopefully the tomato scare will be over by the time you take your trip--your favorite Mexican restaurant just won't be the same without the tomato sauces and salsa!