News Flash

C a l i f o r n i a!
Mexican food. *drools*
And that was our first full day!

Today we go camping for two days. I wonder if they have Wi Fi? ;)


Mrs. F said...

I think you forgot to mention how HOT it is here.

Have fun camping!

White Hot Magik said...

Surely the bears have wifi. How else could they so effective track the campsites?

t i m said...

Today it rained all day with strong winds. Am I jealous? Perhaps.

The Dissonance said...

Picinic baskets Booboo? Have fun.

Malathionman said...

119 yesterday in SoCal. Its probably only 110 up north where you are.

Bird said...

EAt a little extra Mexican for me!!!

Anonymous said...

i wish u a fantastic wweekend!!holding new fantastic pics!!

here the last weekend, in the afternoon, i was stayed at home with my sister and my boyfriend...on the bed!!(my parents are on holiday for one week)
i explain : we was on the bed watching the ceiling and breath the air by the ventilator 'cause here it's very hot and humid!!!and tomorrow must be worst!
i don't know how can i stay at work!! i survive with ice coffee and ice cream!!!

bye dear.. now i'm looking for a fresh place where to put my foot...the iron of the writing desk!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

CALIFORNIA! what a dream!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm.. Mexican food... nice!
Hope you having a blast... enjoying your family holiday AND birthday... with a few Margaritta's too I hope!!!

Have fun.. make memories!

SAAM said...

Have fun !!

Diesel said...

Hot is right. I think it hit 100 here this weekend. Where are you camping?

Beth said...

Sorry it has been so long, Elizabeth, since I have visited. I was able to get caught up on your blogs and enjoyed the pictures at the bottom of the blogs too.

That little video gadget is COOL!

Sounds like you are having a great vacation and I enjoyed following the links you provided for that, including checking out the
birder section.

I couldn't find anything on your certification results. How did you do? I am guessing pretty well since you left us a smile.

Have a great rest of your vacation!