I'm broke

Alternate titles for this entry include:
MRI Is Just A Three Letter Word
Body, Betrayed
It's Not The Bees Knees
I Shaved My Legs For This?

I visited an orthopedic surgeon yesterday who placed a hand on each knee while I extended and flexed my lower legs. In doing so the doctor both heard and felt the gravel that the cartilage under my knees has become. When he told me that my knees were among the worst he's ever palpated I almost fell apart on the examination table. Lucky for him, I saved the crying for when I got home. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Tuesday I'll be going in for an MRI where my right knee will be scanned because it's the worst of the two. When I get back from California I'll have another appointment to go over the results with my doctor. I wonder if knee replacement surgery is in my near future. I find it sadly ironic that this business with my knees, going on for some time, has come to a head just weeks after getting my personal training certification. When I think about what sort of impact that this may have on everything my knees get hot, my chest gets heavy, and my eyes fill with tears that I try to hold back.

I'll probably continue to feel sorry for myself for at least one more day before trying to look on the bright side. If I do need surgery, I'm going to request the Deluxe Package. I'm going to ask for bionic parts, à la Jamie Sommers. Then I'm going to get my own personal sound effect.


White Hot Magik said...

Well I hope you have better options than knee replacement. Although I dig the idea of bionic parts. I can see you doing an awesome jumping kick for miles. ; )

Nooner said...

Oh Elizabeth!!
I'm feeling oh-so-blue now on learning of this of you. I'm hoping for the best!

OK, here's some humor for a change of thought...

RE "my mouth likes to swear in multiple languages!" ...
In Junior year of college I went to a university in Mexico City. Went to live with a Mexican family assigned to me. They had two boys about my age who were my roommates in their home. I had learned Spanish back at home and earlier school days. Naturally, what is not taught at home or in schools are curse words. I remember my very first days at the Mexican family's house and how the boys wanted to teach me (and hear me say) Spanish curse words. They laughed like hell at my accent, I seem to remember. I also kind of recall them telling me a word to say and not telling me the curse word translation -- all to try and get me to say it outside our room to get me in trouble, no doubt. Anyway, not sure this is funny to read, but it was funny for me to recall.

Stay well, please!

Your friend,

CassieHumble said...

Oh my, I am so sorry to hear about your knee problem. I hope it doesn't hold you back from your training. Sounds like you are doing fantastic, btw! Wow, a pullup?! That is a big goal for a woman. I can't even do them without the assisted pullup machine. LOL I know, sad. I'm really tall though and just not there yet. It is a goal of mine. I remember when I could not do a regular pushup (had to do them on my knees) and now I can do like 40 without stopping so I've come a long way! The pullups.. well that will just have to be the next big hurdle. lol Good luck to you. I pray everything goes well!

The Dissonance said...

Since many of my friends are approaching or in their fifties, knee surgeries are nothing but a thang. Heck my brother in law has had his hip replaced twice and he still skies.

The only thing I hear from people that have had knee surgeries is that they wish they'd done it sooner. The pain relief is almost immediate. And they return to their activities better than ever.

My recommendation is to find the best doctor you can afford. I also wonder if you can do more pullups than me... nawh! ;o)

Bird said...

Well, I'm going to look on the bright side:

MRI was of your knees and not your brain, which is immediately what my mind jumped to. Yay, functional brain!

You didn't need the MRI for cancer--also good.

My uncle had a hip-shaving thing done a few years ago and feels wonderful.

Ok, that's all I've got. I'll add you to the prayer list and hopefully your doctors will find the right solution.

Mrs. F said...

This just plain sucks!

Robotic knees would be awesome. Maybe some knees that make you run super fast. Also, if you are going to go for sound effects, make them whistle.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry for u, but don't worry you are so brave in every thing that u do and that happens to u! everythings will go well,i'm sure!
have a good weekend!

(what u had write about jamie sommers make me laugh so much!!!xD



Malathionman said...

That does stink. I would think replacement would be a last option. Has anything been done on your knees before?

t i m said...

Aww, hope you'll hear some favourable news on Tuesday, all the best. :)

Not that I'm trying to outdo you, but I may also need a bionic arm after a small mishap @ home.

Long story short, this large glass door was falling down & I caught it just in the nick of time to prevent it from smashing on the ground, spraining my arm & knee in the process. Ouch. :(

LceeL said...

Hang in there. It COULD be that all they'll need to do is flush out the pieces. That's WAY less intense than a replacement.

http://zeynepankara-live.spaces.live.com/ said...

Hope everything goes well as your desire. And hope you don't need a surgery, if there is an other way... I have a little pain on my right knee for a few days. So it was interesting to see a knee post here. Be well Elizabeth. Cheers, Zeynep.

Anonymous said...

Have faith hon... don't jump ahead until you know for certain what will be required. And if you can... definately upgrade for the bionic parts. They are pretty cool and really shiny.


Domino said...

The Bionic (original) Woman was kick arse!!! YEAH!!! But I hope that you don't have to go through all that and that things work out as is best for you. Good luck girl.

Patty O said...

I would totally go for the mechanical legs and be like Bionic Woman. Think about it. You could go around your neighborhood and fight crime!

Seriously, though, that does suck. Hope everything works out!