If nothing else, it makes for good blogging

For 45 minutes I lay as still as possible while this machine excited hydrogen protons in my right knee so that they their magnetic field could be detected and captured digitally.

In other words, I had my MRI this morning. It didn't hurt. I wasn't in an awkward position. I didn't feel like I was entombed. I had more than enough time to reflect and ponder the meaning of life. All in all, the experience was almost relaxing.

I was rather nervous at the idea of what might be found after the fact, but the awesome technician who worked with me offered up no explanations and I didn't ask for any. Why potentially spoil my vacation?

I have my next visit with my orthopedic surgeon on the 7th to go over the findings. I'm hoping that I'll get some images from my MRI and my x-rays and share them because they too make for good blogging. ;)


Bird said...

I hate how those technicians know, but don't say anything. I've finally gotten to the point where I can read the expressions on a lot of their faces. I bet it's probably harder with an adult's knee though. When your kid has a test go bad, they tend to look a little somber. When it goes well, they're cheerful and might drop a hint.

Anonymous said...

thanx to your knees ! so ur blog still go on !!

have a good day(here summer is coming: from 10thmay to yesterday it was raining ALL days!!incredible!)today it's hot..you'll see soon my tany foot:on my blog!!



White Hot Magik said...

Well at least the hydrogen protons were able to get excited. I hope they didn't find any oxygens to attach to, you know how possessive they are. Then next thing you know you are swollen and can't fit into your favorite jeans. : ) Love ya, hope the tests show something positive.

t i m said...

If you meet Dr Greogory House or more importantly Cameron @ your next appointment tell them I said hey. :)

Sidewalks said...

Man...this isn't the type of thing you need hanging over your head just before a vacation, is it? Try not to dwell on it too much. (Easy for me to say, right?)

You picked a good time to return to California--the weather here has been pretty nice...at least it has been in my part of the state, but I'm a little more south of your destination.

Have a great vacation! Stay safe!

The Dissonance said...

Don't let it get to ya.

Zeynep Ankara said...

Hope everything go well with you. Have a good weekend Elizabeth. I am thinking of you. Hugs, Zeynep xx