Breaking point

This past week has been a nightmare on several levels. As a result I have reached Defcon 5 on my stress meter. My emotional stress is now manifesting itself physically into my shoulders and my neck and I can barely stand that and the stress at the same time. Without going into too much detail (thus saving you from wanting to throw yourself under a bus) here are the highlights of my week:
  • A 4-day work week from H.E.L.L. (Please don't tell me how lucky I am to have a four day work week. I work for an airline and am scheduled to work 10 hour days but I show up not knowing when I can leave. I have to stay at work until the last airplane lands or when the next shift shows up.... at 3 in the morning.)
  • I have a pretty major lab exam tomorrow in Anatomy & Physiology that I've been trying to study for every waking moment possible (when work, sleep or family doesn't get in the way, of course). I'm really anxious about this damn exam.
  • I took a test today that I didn't study for because I've been so busy studying for the aforementioned lab exam.
  • I test for my personal training certification at the end of next week. And because I am trying not to fail this A & P lab exam tomorrow I can't study for the certification! I have been reviewing this stuff for a couple of months now but there's still so much information to digest and I will be mortified, sickened, disgusted with myself and downright embarrassed if I fail to pass this... and I'll only have myself to blame.
  • And the topper: My baby girl has to see (another) specialist because she's got this health issue going on right now. I don't have much information to go on and it won't be until March 6th when she's seen (hopefully sooner, we asked to be called if they had a cancellation). I can't tear my mind away from worrying. And I can't stand not knowing.
This is the first time in over six months that I've truly missed Lexapro. I could use a couple of those little white pills right about now.

I'm sorry that my highlights turned into a full blown blog entry. This was supposed to be quick so I could go study!


Sidewalks said...

How the hell are you doing all of this stuff at the same time? Between work, school and the kids...when do you stop and rest? I can only handle one project at a time or my head will explode...tenting the house took all of my focus for about two weeks.

Right now we're considering what colors to paint the house. It's a Spanish style house so it's traditionally painted white, and it's been painted and repainted white for about 75 years (this is my grandmother's old house), so it's weird for me to imagine it a different color. But we'll have to paint on the inside as well, so we're looking at our options there too.

Hope you're little one is doing well and it's nothing too serious. Good luck on all your tests and exams...keep us posted on how it goes. :)

Leucantha` said...

I have been feeling pretty busy this week without any time to rest, however it has been a cakewalk compared to that. I hope you can find some time to do some yoga, run, pray or go for a drive just to clear your mind. I know it is hard when you have studying to do, but trust me study breaks (life breaks) are important too. Besides I'd bet money you still will rock all of those tests, despite your worrying.

Leucantha` said...

OH did I tell you my pirate joke, because a bad pirate joke can make everything better.

What do you get when you cross a zucchini and a pirate?

A squashbuckler! Argghh!

Patty O said...

Yeah, seriously, get back to work, gawd!!!

Haha, just kidding. I know that story, being stressed out over everything. It'll all be over soon though, I'm sure.

SAAM said...

I think you need a vacation!

Elizabeth said...

I agree!

Nooner said...

Elizabeth, I don't know how you do it. You have so much going on all the time, it seems. Classes, labs, exams, buggettes, and long work days. Amazing. I don't know what to offer other than empathy and words of support. If mental thoughts assist, than I will wish these next few days you get through all the school related stuff OK. Not sure why a wish is needed because your past record shows you will most likely get through it all with flying colors.
You'll do it all!


Anonymous said...

Can you take a day off work? even with just two of those issues, it sounds like you need it. I hope things straighten out a bit for you. Sending hugs your way.

Beth said...

Oh, Elizabeth! Praying that things will ease up! They do seem to come in spurts, don't they? You have a stressful enough job...even without the other things.

The not knowing what to do is the worst! Praying you will recall as much as possible for that test, and that the concerns about your daughter will have open doors to the people and care for solutions to meet every need.

As humans, and parents, we can only do the best we can and leave the rest in the Lord's most capable hands.

At times like these..."Let go and let God"... and "Rest in Him" are small, but profound thoughts.

As to the valentines...I sure do understand. Wish I could have been there to add stencils, help pre-cut valentines, lace, and other art to make it a less overwhelming project.

So glad they enjoyed themselves at their parties!

Love and hugs,

LceeL said...

I do hope things went well on your test and that you are able to slow things down a bit. But in any case, just take it easy, please? She needs you to keep it together.

Melinda Zook said...

Wow, that is a LOT going on. You really need to keep yourself in check and not get too crazed...stress is the worst thing and it can really take a hold of you. Think of things in baby steps and it will all fall into place!